Part 93

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Today I was hanging out with Nash. I was nervous yet excited. I mean this was my first time hanging out alone with Nash and I have feelings for him. I just hope we don't get too carried away.

I got dressed, curled my hair so it looked cute and applied some makeup. Then I grabbed my purse and waited for Nash. I walked downstairs to see mama and Lexi talking.

''You look cute.'' Mama said.

''Thanks. What are you guys up to today?'' I asked sitting on the couch next to them.

''Well I think we might go to lunch then shopping.'' Lexi said happily.

''Fun!'' I smiled.

''Just remember what we talked about Kay.'' Lexi said.

''Yeah I know, I'm kinda worried.''

''Just remember who's been there for you and who you love.'' Lexi said.

''Yeah it's your choice if you want to date Nash.'' Michele said.

''I know.'' I sighed. Then the doorbell rang.

''Bye have fun!'' I said hugging them.

''You too, love you.'' Michele said.

I answered the door and Nash stood there looking really cute making me weak.

''Hey.'' I smiled and hugged him.

''How are you?'' I asked hugging back.

''Pretty goo you?'' I asked.

''Great! Let's go.'' He said and opened the car door for me.

We ended up going out to lunch at Panera and right now we're bowling. Lunch was fun we just messed around and had great time. I was actually happy.

''Kayla you're up first.'' Nash said smirking.

''Oh come on I suck at bowling.'' I whined.

''Fine I'll help you.'' He smirked. I grabbed the bowling ball and went up to the line. He came up behind me and snaked his arms around my waist and put his hands on my arms and helped me bowl the ball. It felt good to be in someone's arms, His arms were still around me as the ball rolled down and knocked down all the pins.

''Yes!'' I jumped and hugged him. I pulled back and smiled at him.

''Thanks for helping me.'' I said.

''No problem.'' Then he bowled and then it was my turn again. I bowled and it was a gutter ball then Nash went and got another strike.

''Want me to help you again?'' He asked smiling.

''Yeah! I'm gonna win this just you wait.'' I said as he came up and helped me again. I got another strike. I turned around in his arms and smiled up at him. He leaned in and so did I caught up in the moment. We kissed and I felt sparks.

''I'm sorry.'' He said pulling away.

''Umm it's fine.'' I smiled.

''Really?'' He asked shocked.

''Yeah really.''

''So umm will you go out with me?'' He asked nervously.

''Sure.'' I smiled and pecked him on the lips.

''So want to head home now. It's almost six, Michele probably wants you home.'' He said politely taking my hand.

''Yeah that's fine.'' I smiled and he took me home.

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