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Part 57

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The next day I woke up at around eleven. I had to pick Carter up from Michele's at noon. I went into the bathroom and took a shower. After my shower I put on some shorts and a crop top and wore my converse. I put on light makeup and dried my hair and straightened it. I sprayed myself with my pink perfume and grabbed my keys and left.

I got to Michele's house and knocked. The door opened and Michele was there holding Carter.

''Hey Michele!'' I said hugging her.

''Hey sweetie!'' She said hugging back.

''How was Carter?'' I said walking in her house.

''Good, how are you doing?''

''Good. Have you heard from Austin?'' I asked.

''Yeah he was here last night but left this morning. I don't know where he is now.'' She said sitting on the couch with Carter in her lap.

''Oh.'' I said sadly.

''Just keep your head up!'' She said hugging me.

''I'll try.'' I said. I took Carter from her.

''Maybe I'll try calling him.'' I said.

''Yeah you could.''

''Okay I'll try that.'' I said walking into the kitchen.


''Hello.'' Austin said sadly.

''Hey. Umm so are you alright?'' I asked.

''I'm fine.'' He said no emotion no nothing.

''Oh okay where are you right now?''

''The studio.''

''Okay when do you think you're coming home so we can talk?''

''I don't know I got to go bye.'' He said and hung up.

Well that was pointless. I sat in a bar stool and laid my head on the counter with Carter in front of me.

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