Part 31

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It was the next day and I woke up to an empty bed. I looked at the clock and it as 10:15. I slept in later than usual cuz usually I'm up at five cuz of Carter. This is weird I thought. I went downstairs and there was a plate of food on the counter. There was a note by the plate that said

Everyone is gone and I took Carter out. Eat this and come to this address:.....

I quickly ate and went upstairs to change. I wore a cute dress and my sandals and went to my car and typed in the address to my GPS. It took me over an hour to get there. I came to a beautiful hotel. I texted Austin and said I was there.

He said: go to the lobby and they'll give you a note that said to go to the restaurant in the hotel it was fancy as well.

I walked in and saw Austin sitting at a table with Carter. I went up to the table and sat down. They were both matching tuxes. It was the cutest thing ever! Austin acted normal at lunch while we ate and made small talk.

''What's this all about.'' I asked Austin.

''Nothing it's just a fun day with my beautiful girl!'' He said.

''Aww baby! I love you!'' I said kissing him on the lips.

''I'm gonna go to the bathroom.'' Austin said and took Carter with him. After they left a waiter came and give me a note. It said.

Rose are red

Violets are blue

Come to the beach

It's just for you

Love Austin

I didn't know what was going on but I went to the beach. There was a trail of rose petals so I followed them and it let to Austin down on one knee.

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