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Part 54

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The past couple of days Austin had been sleeping and laying around. He was doing way better! It was hard because not only did I have to take care of Carter but Austin too. Austin was good about it though.


''Ready to go?'' I asked peeking my head into our room. Austin nodded. We were going on a walk on the beach so Austin could get out and then we were doing a Ustream. I had never done one before so I was nervous because I didn't know what to say or do.

''Let's go!'' Austin said grabbing my hand. Michele was watching Carter for the day. It felt bad but she loved doing it.

We got outside and Joe had to stand in front of us because there were so many Mahomies. They were all yelling at us asking how Austin was doing. We just kept walking because we were doing the Ustream and we just wanted a nice peaceful walk.

''So how ya feeling?'' I asked.

''Wayyyyy better! At first I felt like I had been hit by a car and now I feel just a little tired and sore.'' He said.

''That's good!'' I said.

''Yeah I still feel horrible about postponing the tour.'' He said.

''Babe it's for the best don't worry about what they think.''

''I know but it's hard not to.''

''I know but just try for me and let's just try to not think about this.''

''Okay so when do you think we should get married?'' He asked.

''Little anxious are you?'' I asked smirking.

''Maybe.'' He confessed.

''Haha it's okay I am too! But I think we should wait a year or two, I mean we're still young and we still have our future to think about.''

''Yeah the only reason why I don't want to do it yet is because we're young and we've already made enough decisions too that we've regretted.'' He said.

''Exactly! So we could wait a while and se how we are and what we're thinking. We could also get your mom's opinion when the time comes.

''Yeah I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you.'' He said turning towards me and kissing me.


''Hey guys it's Austin haven't done a Ustream in a while so I thought I would and I have a special guest here.'' He said. I just laughed. I scooted over next to him on the bed.

''Hey guys I'm Kayla!'' I said waving and smiling.

''Aka my beautiful fiancé!'' Austin said.

''Okay let's read the questions we have.'' He said pointing to the comments that were popping up really fast.

''Jeez! How do you read that?'' I asked.

''You'll get used to it.'' He said smiling.

He grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers.

''So first question is how did you and Kayla meet?'' Austin said. He looked at me and I smiled.

''Well, my best friend's dad was getting married and a few weeks before the wedding we went out to dinner to meet his fiancé and his fiancé happened to be Mama Mahone herself! And Austin of course was there and my friends made us sit at our own table. And we talked and had a lot of fun and hung out the next day and Austin asked me out!'' I said smiling.

''Yeah that was the best day of my life!'' Austin said.

''Mine was when Carter was born.'' I said. t was amazing and Austin was there with me so it couldn't have been better.

''Well mine has to do with Carter to but I won't say it if you know what I mean.'' He said smirking and blushing.

''Austin you're blushing a new shade of red.'' I said laughing.

''Shut up.'' He said playfully hitting me.

''Ow!'' I said pretending I was hurt.

He tilted my chin up.

''Babe I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt you.'' I grabbed his face and kissed him laughing.

''Well then.'' He said turning back to the laptop. I started looking at what Mahomies were saying:

Cutest couple ever♥

Get a room! Lol

I love you two so much!

How long have you been dating?

What's your favorite memory together?

''Well, I would have to say my favorite memory is all the times you came on tour with me.'' Austin said.

''That was fun! My favorite memory is when you proposed to me!'' I said remembering the VMAs.

I looked down at the comment again:

You're doing this for publicity

You don't really love Austin

Austin you could do so much better

Austin's just using you

This just broke my heart so I got up and left so no one would see me crying. I went into our bathroom and cried.

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