Part 21

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"Wake up Kayla!'' Sarah whispered shaking me. Today we were going home and in a week I'd be going on tour with Austin! I had had so much fun with Sarah the past week that I just decided to go home. I needed it and I especially just needed to see my friends and family, well Todd and Michele since they were my ''parents''.
I got up and went to my closet to pick out clothes. I decided to put on some sweats and a t-shirt and uggs. I didn't need to look presentable. I got dressed, let my wavy hair down and packed my bags. I had a lot of bags since most of the time I shopped for me and the baby. I finished packing and took my red suitcase into the kitchen where Sarah was cooking breakfast. She already had her suitcase ready and by the door.

''Hey sleepy head. I'm just making pancakes and eggs.''

''I'm sorry that I'm pregnant and my baby needs sleep. Thanks.'' I said giggling.

''My little baby's so cute.'' She said and rubbed my belly.


We ate and left the hotel. The drive was about an hour so it wasn't too bad.

''Are you ready to see everyone?''

''More than ever. It was nice having you here this week I really needed to just talk about everything with someone.''

''Well I'm glad I could help you and I had fun with you.''

''I just hope Austin and I will work it out.''

''Well you kind of have to since you have a baby.''

''But I don't want it just to be cuz of the baby. I mean I do want the baby to have a father but I want to work it out cuz we love eachother.''

''Yeah, I know what you mean.''

''I hate these hormones, it's gonna be so hard talking to him cuz one minute I'll be fine and then next I'll be crazy!''

''It'll be fine.''

''But what if he does't want me anymore?'' I said starting to cry.

''Honey you'll be fine! I'm here for you! Why don't you call him and talk to him?''

''Okay I guess.''

''He Kayla what's up?'' He said, he sounded like he all of a sudden got happy.

''Hey, Sarah and I are driving home. I realized I need to come back. Not only for me and the baby but for you and my friends.''

''I'm glad you are! I can't wait to see you next week!''

''Neither can I!''

''Austin let's go!'' I hear a girl says in the background.

''Austin who's that?'' I ask getting angry.

''No one. I gotta go bye love you! I'll call you later.''

''Bye.'' I said and hung up.

I immediately bursted into tears.

''What's wrong sweetie?'' Sarah asked.

''I'll tell you later.'' I said and got out of the car cuz we were home. I grabbed my bags and walked inside. Everyone was sitting on the couch. When they saw me they all jumped up excitedly.

''Kayla!!!! What's wrong?'' Robert said. He was excited then noticed I was crying.

''Nothing.'' I said and walked up to my room.

I laid in a ball on my bed and cried.

*2 hours later*

I went into the bathroom and washed my face and put on some light makeup so I looked a little decent when I went downstairs. I got out of the bathroom and noticed a note on the bed.


I know you probably won't see this for a while but when you do I just want to say this bed was empty without you just like my heart. I want you to come back and I want you to be here in my arms. I love you baby! You are the strongest person I know. With love,

-xxx- ♥

Again? He just keeps doing this with notes everywhere! I decided to calm down and go on Twitter.

There weren't any tweets from Austin about me for a while. Just from a few days ago when he said:

''Can't wait to finally see my babies next week! Thanks for all the support Mahomies! :-*''

We still haven't told Mahomies were having a baby, I mean yeah I've been out a lot and people have notice I have a little bump but we haven't confirmed it yet. We'll probably do that in the interviews. I decided to tweet something then go see my friends cuz I felt bad.

@Kayla_Mahone: So nice to be back home with my friends! ☺:-* ♥

I don't know what to believe anymore.

I put my phone down and thought for a second then my phone vibrate. It was a tweet.

@AustinMahone: Can't wait to see u, hope everything's okay! ♥ :-*

Yeah you're the problem idiot! Ugh! Why does this always happen? Mahomies commented on my tweet saying:

Hope everything's okay

I'm on your side

Love u ♥


I tweeted:

Thanks for all the support! I'll figure everything out eventually!♥

Don't you hate it when that one person who did something to you says I hope everything's okay and it's clueless to the fact that it's their fault!

I put my phone down and went downstairs.

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