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PART 100!!!!!!!

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''Damn it! I wanted to be an uncle.'' Alex groaned.

''Alex shut up I already told you no.'' I said and Sarah slapped his arm. He glared at her and I just turned and looked at a hurt Austin.

''Austin I'm sorry. I feel awful and you're the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. I'm really really-''

''Save it.'' He said and got up and went to the bathroom. I laid my head down and cried.

''Why couldn't I have realized this sooner. I'm so stupid and I'm such a bitch.'' I cried.

''Shhh honey no you're not.'' Sarah said comforting me.

''He hates me.'' I said.

''No he doesn't.'' Alex said.

''Why don't you text him and then let's go and get ready for the concert and we'll talk to him then?'' Sarah said. I wiped my tears.

''I guess, thanks Sarah.'' I said and hugged her. We paid and left and went back to the hotel. Austin was outside my door crying. I ran over to him and hugged him but he didn't hug back.

''Austin I'm sorry that's the worst mistake I've ever made. Most people would think it was me getting pregnant but that was one of the best things that's ever happened. I love you Austin and I'm breaking up with him.'' I said and cried into Austin's chest. He rubbed my back.

''We'll talk later, see you at my concert?'' He asked. I nodded and walked in to get ready. We had two hours before we had to leave for the concert. It was an hour away and we had to get there an hour early.

''I have the perfect outfit!'' I said excitedly to Sarah.

''Okay, I'll do your makeup and you'll look perfect!'' She said.

My outfit was a blue lace summer dress with cowgirl boots and natural makeup with pink lipstick and curled hair. It was my favorite outfit ever and would definitely get Austin's attention.

Austin's POV

She told me her worst mistake was dating Nash who I assumed was her new boyfriend and not making a baby with me. That made me so happy just hearing that. Yes I was pissed but how could I be mad at the love of my life. I was angry at myself mostly for letting this happen. This wouldn't have happened if I wouldn't have started these stupid little fights we always get into. It was all my fault.

''Dude calm down. The concert starts in a few minutes.'' Alex said. I was pacing back and forth.

''I know but this is all my fault.'' I yelled.

''Just forget about it for now and calm down the concert starts soon.''

Kayla's POV

''Should I do it?'' I asked Sarah for the millionth time tonight. It was meet and greet time so Sarah and I were just hanging out backstage. Austin did amazing at his concert of I must say. Which got me thinking, I was about to send a text that would change my life forever. Yes I felt awful about it and yes it wasn't very nice but on the bright side my future was just about to begin.

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