Part 52

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Kayla's POV

I got home and showered. When I get out I brushed my hair, blow dried it, and curled it. I then put on some light makeup. Carter and I got changed and I fed him and myself.

I felt so bad for Austin. I knew he was in a lot of pain but I didn't want to admit it. He looked so sad and in so much pain. It was really hard to see him like this because it's sad and makes me feel the pain. It's been an hour since I left so I decided I would go back and see him. But not before grabbing Starbucks, I'm sure a good frappacino would feel good on his throat and it always makes him happy. And of course for me it sounded amazing as always!


I walk in and Austin's sleeping so I decided to sit down and talk to Michele and his managers and Alex, who were all hanging out in the room.

''Hey guys!'' I said.

''Hey thanks for the Starbucks!'' Alex said grabbing Austin's drink.

''That's not for you Alex, I brought it for Austin!'' I said.

''Well he's asleep he'll never know.'' He whined.

''Unless I tell him.''

''But since you're my best friend you wouldn't tell him.''

''Maybe we're not best friends.'' I said sitting down with Carter on my lap and putting the drinks on a table next to my chair.

''Well then...'' He said.

''Hey honey! How are you doing now?'' Michele asked.

''I'm great actually! I talked to Austin and were good. And it was nice to go home and clean up!'' I said.

''I'm glad you guys talked. I hated seeing you two fight.'' She said.

''I hate fighting with him.''

''Yeah I know it's hard since you're young.''

''Yeah, I'm starting to really regret some choices I've made in the past.'' I said.

''Yeah I'm sure but the past is the past.''

''I know, I mean I love Carter to death and he's made my life amazing but at the same time he makes it so hard and I just wish we could've waited a little longer.''

''Carter is amazing and I'm so proud of you both, you've been amazing parents so far! I wouldn't worry too much about your past sweetie, just worry about what's going on now.''

''Thanks Michele you always cheer me up with your great advice.'' I said hugging her.

''If you ever need anything or advice I'm here.'' She smiled.

''So Austin's not gonna be happy about this but we're gonna have to reschedule the whole tour until next year.'' Michele said.

''Why so long?'' I asked shocked.

''That's the only way we can get all the venues booked around the same time.'' She said.

''Okay! For a second I thought you meant it was because he's sicker than we thought.'' I said relieved.

''Oh no the doctor hasn't updated us for a while.'' She said.

''So Alex, how was Fort Lauderdale?'' I asked.

It was pretty good other than Austin being sick.'' He said.

''Yeah well, I'll let you two go somewhere else again together.'' I said.

''But it's fun with you!'' He said.

''But you two deserve it and I'm sure you get sick of me always being around.'' I said.

''Fine but what if I don't want to hang out with Austin?'' He said.

''You can just hang out with me and we'll ditch Austin and leave him with Carter.'' I said smirking.

''Ooh you're smart!'' He said smirking back.

''What can I say?'' I said.

I look over and Austin is just waking up. He looks so hot as always when he wakes up.

''Hey babe.'' I said smiling.

He smiled back.

''You look beautiful.'' He said.

''You're not supposed to talk.'' I said smiling.

''I know but I just had to say that.'' He said. His voice sounded like he has a bad cold.

''Okay no more talking now.'' I said. I went over to him sill holding Carter. He smiled and I leaned Carter down by him and he kissed him on the forehead. Then I bent down and kissed him on the lips.

'Eww get a room!'' Alex said like a little kid.

''We're in a room.'' I said smirking. Austin just laughed.

''Haha good one.'' He said mocking me.

''If you don't like us kissing you can leave.'' I said sweetly and smiled.

''Whatever!'' He said. I always get him.

The doctor came in and told us Austin could go home tomorrow evening but he would need lots of rest and needs to drink lots of water and he'll be able to talk tomorrow without hurting but can't talk a lot. He said he should be completely better in about a week. This was great news!

I stayed with Austin until he fell asleep at 11 PM and then left with Carter. We'd be back to spend the next day with Austin!

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