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Part 99

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I woke up the next morning in bed. Someone must have carried me in here. I got up and saw it was ten so I went and showered. Then I get dressed and walked out to see Alex and Sarah cuddling and Austin sitting in the chair in deep thought.

''Morning.'' I said smiling. Today was going to be a good day.

''Morning girly. Ready for today?'' Sarah asked.

''Ready as I'll ever be.'' I said nervously.

''So what should we do today?'' Alex asked.

''We could walk along the boardwalk and go to the shops.'' Austin suggested.

''Sounds fun to me.'' I said.

''Yeah so should we get ready and then go to lunch and we can all talk.'' Sarah suggest looking at me.

''Sure.'' I said and sat down as everyone got up to go get ready. Ten minutes later Alex and Austin walked in and Alex sat next to me and Austin went back to his chair.

''So I think I know what you're going to tell us.'' Alex whispered in my ear smirking.

''What?'' I said and pulled away from him.

''Are you pregnant?'' He whispered. I just laughed hysterically.

''Yeah because I'm stupid enough to do that again.'' I said laughing at Alex, he just blushed. Austin looked mad because he didn't know what we were talking about.

''You've done some pretty stupid things.'' He said not whispering anymore.

''I know but this is the one I regret the most.'' I said.

''WHat can get worse than that?'' He said talking about getting pregnant.

''I may not seem as bad but to me it is. We're talking at lunch so no more.'' I said to Alex.

''Okay let's go!'' Sarah said.

''Finally!'' Alex yelled and ran up and attacked her towards the door, I just laughed. I awkwardly walked behind them with Austin trailing behind. We got to the place we were eating at and sat down, Sarah and I next to each other with me across from Austin and Sarah across from Alex. We ordered then Alex started.

''Sooo hoe have you been?'' He asked.

''Fine.'' I lied.

''Liar.'' Austin coughed.

''Shut up if you want me to tell you.'' I said. I was in no mood for this crap.

''Feisty! Austin's like his girls feisty.'' Alex said making me laugh.

''Okay let's get serious here.'' Sarah said.

''Okay so um I really don't know how to say this but.'' I started.

''Shit.'' Austin cursed. I gave him a look and then continued.

''Ummm I kinda have a boyfriend.'' I said a tear falling from my eye.

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