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Part 86

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I woke up the next morning happy. I haven't been this happy in a long time. It was out date today. It was noon so I got dressed. We were going to the movies at two then dinner so I went downstairs to eat a little. I dance into the kitchen happily singing Best Song Ever by One Direction. Alex, Austin, Lexi and Sarah were all sitting at the bar, they turned and looked at me and I blushed.

''You're happy!'' Alex says and laughs.

''I sure am!'' I say.

''There's food on the stove.'' Sarah says.

''Thanks Sarah!'' I say and get some food and sit by Alex on the end.

''How was your date last night?'' I ask Austin and smile. He looks at me surprised then smirks.

''It was great thanks for asking.'' He says still smirking.

''Am I missing something?'' alex asks confused.

''Oh I don't know Austin you know just went on a date last night no big deal.'' I say casually.

''Oh. My. God.'' Alex says dramatically.

''Shut up Alex!'' I say.

''So Kayla ready for today?'' Lexi happily says quickly changing the subject.

''You bet I am!'' I say.

''Where you going?'' Sarah asks.

''On a date.'' Austin says mockingly.

''Well if you want to call it that then yeah I'm going on a date!'' I say smirking at him. My phone buzzes in my pocket and I pull it out and unlock to find a text from Nash.

N: So I hear you're single now... ;)

I smile.

K: Single, pringle and ready to mingle lol :).

N: You can mingle with me ;)

K: Sounds like a plan :)

N: Okay gtg talk to you later babe ♥

This made my heart melt.

K: Okay ♥

''Kayla.'' Alex says.

''Uh yeah.'' I say smiling.

''We were asking if you wanted coffee.'' He says.

''Oh uh sure!'' I say.

''Who are you texting?'' Sarah asks nudging me.

''Look!'' I say handing her and Lex my phone.

''Oh my gosh that's so cute!!!'' Sarah says.

''Kay!!! OMG I'm so happy!'' Lexi says.

''I know so am I!!!'' I say getting up to wash my dishes.

''So what's up with you?'' Alex says standing next to me.

''Nash Grier no big deal.'' I say smiling.

''You must really like him.'' He says smiling.

''Yeah he's so sweet.'' I say.

''Excuse me.'' Austin says coughing.

''Sorry.'' I say smiling and get out of the way.

''Have fun on your date.'' He mocks me.

''Thanks I will!'' I say and smile at him. Then my phone rings. Of course it's Nash.

''Heyyy!'' I aswer excitedly.

''Hey baby what's up?'' He asks.

''Nothing much what about you?''

''Nothing just wondered if you and Lexi want us to come pick you up?''

''Sure that would be great if you don't mind.''

''We don't!''

''Okay thanks! See you soon!''

''Okay don't miss me!''

''I'll try not too Nashy!''

''Bye.'' He laughs then hangs up.

Gosh he was too cute.

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