Part 25

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''So what did you do while I was gone?'' Austin asked after we ordered. We went to Olive Garden of course!

''The first month I stayed in the same spot crying. I woke up one day and thought I need to do this for me and the baby so I got up and went out to eat and ever since that day I've worked out and eaten healthy and gone out to do stuff so the baby will be healthy. Getting out and doing stuff made me forget about you for a while. I didn't cry at all after yesterday and the day I read that tweet you tweeted were the first days I cried in a long time.''

''I'm so sorry again. I should've come after you.''

''It's okay. I learned to deal with my hormones and being pregnant by myself and it's not too bad. I'm just glad you're here now cuz it's gonna start getting harder the further along I get.''

''Yeah I'm here for you forever and I will never leave you.''

''What about touring more?''

''I'll still tour but no matter what you'll be with me! Cuz it was horrible without you!''

''What did you do on tour when you weren't at a show?''

''I slept and cried. Alex tried to get me out to do stuff and meet Mahomies but I just couldn't do it.''

''Aww I'm sorry baby.''

''It's okay. So have we got this all worked out and were dating again?'' He asked a smile creeping on his face.

''Maybe...'' I said smirking.

''Fine there was a pretty girl I saw in LA I'll just go back.'' He said.

''You do that.'' I said and winked.

We ate dinner and talked. It was back to normal and I loved having Austin with me. My pregnancy was about to get harder and I really needed him with me. It was especially nice that Michele would be with us too since she knows what it's like.


We got back home and decided to watch a movie with everyone.

''How about the notebook!'' Tiffany practically yelled.

''No it's too sad and you always want to watch i!'' Robert complained.

''Yeah! Let's watch Despicable me 2!!'' Sarah suggested.

''Yeah I love those movies and it's funny and happy!! We won't all get depressed!'' Zach said. Everyone just laughed at him and agreed.

Austin and I cuddled on the couch with all the other couples cuddling including Todd and Michele. They were cute though.


Warm hands wrap around my stomach and I hear: ''Let's go to bed baby.'' That deep voice that makes my skin tingle and the hands that give me that feeling I can't describe.

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