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Part 121

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Today we were all going to the beach to have fun on our day off. I pu my bikini and sunglasses on with a romper and we all headed out.

*At the beach*

''Damn babe.'' Austin whispered in my ear as we walked to go get into the water. I just laughed. We got in the water and we're running around having good time.

''Hey Alex and I are going to get something to drink want something?'' Austin asked.

''Sure, I'll have a limonade thanks babe.'' I said. Sarah and I sat down on our towels to talk.

''Hey Kayla!'' I look up to see Nash.

''Hey.'' I said. He sat down.

''I am really sorry I understand where you were coming from.'' He said.

''It's fine I'm the one who needs to be sorry. But let's just put this behind us and be friends again. I miss that.'' I said.

''I do too. Friends?'' He asked as he hugged me. I hugged back. It felt good knowing we could put our past behind us and be friends again.

''Friends or nahhh.'' Nash said making us all laugh.

''Babe.'' Austin said, I looked up and he handed me my lemonade. I scooted over and patted the seat next to me and he sat down.

''Thanks Austin.'' I said kissing him.

Nash's POV

I was still a little mad with Kayla but I did want to be friends again. So I was glad we put our past behind us. I mean yes I still have feelings for her but it's life and I'll just have to get over her. It'll be hard but I'll have to do it. I don't mind Austin either. He seems like a good guy who treats Kayla right.

Austin's POV

As I was walkking back I saw Kayla and Nash hugging then she started laughing at something he said. I knew they just wanted to be friends but that still made me jealous. I was mad but I just kept walking and tried to forget it. I handed her her lemonade and sat down with her. Her and Sarah were talking about something. I wasn't really paying attention.

''Austin.'' Kayla said.

''Yeah?'' I said looking at her.

''What's wrong babe?'' She asked.

''Nothing.'' I said.

''Seriously babe don't lie to me.'' She said kissing me.

''It's nothing just demo they about it.'' I said.

''Okay.'' She sighed. ''I'm here though if you want to talk.'' She said and I nodded. We sat in silence for a few minutes.

''Is it because I hugged Nash and was talking to him?'' She asked out of nowhere.

''No.'' I said quietly.

''You're cute when you're jealous.'' She said.

''I'm not jealous.'' I lied again.

''Austin babe I can tell when you're jealous. I don't care either I'm sorry Nash and I are just friends don't worry.'' She said.

''I know I just can't help but feel jealous when I see you with other guys. I want to be the only guy in your life.'' I said. She kissd me passonately.

''I love you.'' She said and I smiled.

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