Let Me Love You (Ariana Grande/You/Camila Cabello) by forbiddenloved16
Let Me Love You (Ariana Grande/ Drei
A song that was made out of their love story.. struggles, lies, secrets and friendships would their relationship be fix or will drift apart? **** Ariana Grande/You/Camil...
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Friends With Benefits | Becstin short story au by Mahonehadmelike
Friends With Benefits | Becstin n
We all know what it means to be "Friends With Benefits". The benefit of being able to satisfy your needs and not have to worry about the commitment. That was e...
  • drama
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Dirty Little Secret (Camren) on hold by DinahsHawaii
Dirty Little Secret (Camren) on DinahsHawaii
Camila is the most popular girl in school and Lauren is the nerdy loser that no one likes always gets pushed around, but not by Camila, Camila was always nice to her. On...
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Love on the Run (Lincoln Burrows) by whooviaan
Love on the Run (Lincoln Burrows)by whooviaan
Sequel to "Falling From a Distance". Natasha and Lincoln are finally together, and despite being on the run, their relationship deepens. Together, they fight t...
  • steadman
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Just Dirty Fucking Thoughts by mydirtyfingthoughts
Just Dirty Fucking Thoughtsby mydirtyfingthoughts
Personal and requested smuts or just general hot boy sex ;)
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The Gym by ameezy24
The Gymby ameezy24
Descriptions are boring, just read the book
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Stuck In The Middle | Louis Tomlinson AU | by babelikebella
Stuck In The Middle | Louis Annabelle
"Why were you kissing her?" Niall says quietly. Louis looks at me and smiles then looks back at Niall. "She asked me to." Louis shrugs. Niall looks...
  • max
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The badboy is a girl? (Lesbian Story) by SamanthaHearts1D
The badboy is a girl? (Lesbian Samantha
Meet Max. She's a girl that is thought to be a guy. She dresses like a guy, acts like a guy so why wouldn't everybody think that. Even her name is a standard guys name...
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Sizzling Fire • AM • by RauhlinAmeezy
Sizzling Fire • AM •by Read My Stories!
When city girl Brady Manning has to leave her life behind in Brooklyn, New York to move to San Antonio, Texas because of her dad's job promotion, she didn't realise she...
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Hurt People (A Jack Gilinsky Fanfiction)  by sluttygilinsk
Hurt People (A Jack Gilinsky babycakes
"if we could learn to stab each other in the back a little bit less than we could have lasted a long, long, long time" -- aviana morris, complete beauty, kind...
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Elevator 14 // Austin Mahone by MooMahone
Elevator 14 // Austin Mahoneby MooMahone
Never, in my entire life, have I ever watched my father look a boy in the eyes and tell him that he trusts him enough to take care of me. And as they're pulling him away...
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Clashed  by ameezy7411
Clashed by Courtney
Nevaeh is best friends with Alex who is also best friends with Austin. Austin is coming home from jail after getting caught with a robbery. Alex got house arrest for his...
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Surrounded by You: Austin Mahone Fanfic by liv814
Surrounded by You: Austin Mahone liv814
Completed in 2014. Rewriting again: TBD Olivia Johnson, Liv for short, and her four best friends; Natalie, Morgan, and Serena go on vacation to Miami to visit her Godmot...
  • love
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Til I Find You (An Austin Mahone Fanfic) by ItsAnonymousM
Til I Find You (An Austin Mahone Anonymous M
Have you ever met someone and it just instantly clicked? Everything about that person was perfect to you and you just couldn't get enough? That's how Isabella Jones felt...
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bad boy. good lips. ➳ austin mahone by zOH-ee
bad boy. good lips. ➳ austin mahoneby zOH-ee
❝I will bruise your lips and scar your knees and love you too hard. I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible. And when I finally leave, you will understand...
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DEVIL {Austin Mahone Love Story} by MahoneMoment
DEVIL {Austin Mahone Love Story}by MahoneMoment
"That's the thing with this generation, everybody wants something perfect but nobody wants to put in the work. Everyone either walks away or gives up the minute shi...
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¿Amor imposible? | (Camren) by polarizedlauren
¿Amor imposible? | (Camren)by milanesa
Lauren Jauregui y Camila Cabello son dos de las cinco integrantes de Fifth Harmony. Formar parte de la banda cambió sus vidas, pero algo más pasó... Se enamoraron, pero...
  • harry
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First Comes Love... by CatchThese1000Hands
First Comes Tati
Camila Cabello and Austin Mahone were just normal kids until their paths crossed...
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Perfection? [Austin Mahone Fan Fiction] by gabbypdlr
Perfection? [Austin Mahone Fan Gabriela
Kylie Carter's life could be described in one word: Perfection. Exceptional grades, head cheerleader of the team, an amazing best friend, perfect family, and a divine bo...
  • austinmahone
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Unwanted and Hidden Love (A Jiall Story)(BoyxBoy) by NiallyBear
Unwanted and Hidden Love (A Syndi Horan
Niall Horan is openly gay and is abused at home and bullied by the most popular boy in school. Justin Bieber is the most popular boy at school and is Niall's main bully...
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