Part 72

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Kayla's POV

Austin and the doctor both tried explaining me that everything I ''remembered'' was just dreams I had while I was in coma. I was still confused and I knew it would take a while for me to remember what happened before I was in a coma.

I had a couple days left in the hospital and I was excited to get out and just go home. It got lonely in the hospital because management finally made Austin go back to the studio or else the label would drop him. He would come by every night for a couple hours and Michele would come in the morning and sometimes my friends came for like an hour during the day but it was so boring. There was really nothing to do. My friends caught me up with everything that happened while I was in a coma. It wasn't much though. No one did much because they were too worried about me.

It was eleven and Austin walked in looking exhausted. He smiled at me and came and sat on the bed.

''Hey babe how was the studio?'' I asked.

''Tiring but I wrote a song for you.'' He said.

''I can't wait to hear it!'' I said.

''You'll love it! So how are you?'' He asked.

''Bored as always. I'm so glad I only have two days left in here. A week is too long!''

''Seven months is too long!'' Austin says.

''So how do you feel about the baby? It's so weird because all my dreams were about us and the baby that we named Carter and it was so real.'' I say almost in tears. I didn't want to talk about the baby all week I just needed time to think.

''It was hard at first and too much to take in especially with you in a coma. But I mean this is hard to say but I guess it's for the best. We were too young to be parents.'' He said wiping tears from his eyes.

''Yeah we were. It's so hard to think that a baby was once growing inside me and now it's gone.'' I say tearing up.

''Everything will be okay.'' He says rubbing my back.''

''You look exhausted come cuddle with me.'' I say for the first time in months.

''I thought you'd never ask.'' He says smiling and laying next to me.

''When you get out I'm taking you on a date! I've missed going on dates, cuddling and messing around with you.'' He says smiling like a little kid.

''We live with your mom then? Because in my dreams we got a condo.'' I say.

''Yeah we live with my mom, Todd and Lexi. You remembered Todd right?''

''Yeah where's he been?'' I ask since I hadn't seen him since I woke up/

''Business trip. He misses you and will be back next week. He can't wait to see you.''

''Will you hand me my phone I'm gonna tweet!'' I said excitedly.

''Yeah.'' He says handing me my phone.

I go on Twitter and my feed is blown up with Mahomies telling me to feel better and wake up. I tweeted:

''I'm alive....'

''Thanks for all the sweet comments means a lot ♥''

''Thanks to the best boyfriend in the world for sticking by my side for seven months don't know what I'd do without you ♥ @AustinMahone.''

My eyes started getting tired.

''Will you stay with me tonight?'' I ask Austin who looks like he could fall asleep any minute.

''Yeah. Night baby love you.'' He says kissing me on the forehead before falling asleep.

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