Part 13

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''No. And I'm sure you're right! Well uh...'' I couldn't talk I just started crying.

''Baby it's okay! Just tell us! You'll feel much better.'' Austin said rubbing my back.

''I know it's hard at first but you've got this!'' Michele said and she gave me that look that told me she knew everything.

''How did you know?'' I said in between sniffles.

''Honey I've been through it too!'' She said. That really comforted me and gave me more courage.

''Okay Austin, I'm... pregnant.'' I said. I just looked at the ground scared about his reaction.

''See it's not that bad is it?'' Michele asked as she came over and gave me a hug.

''Well it will be much better once I see his reaction.'' I said talking about Austin. I still looked at the ground. Thousands of thoughts running through my head.

Will he want the baby?

Will he leave me?

Will he support the baby?

I felt a hand tilt my chin up and I came face to face with Austin.

''Babe I'm so happy actually! Yes we're young. Yes it's gonna be hard, but well get through this. We'll talk more about this later, okay? I love you.'' He said kissing me.

''Okay, love you too! Now open your other surprise!'' I said. I felt so much better. A huge weight had just been lifted off my shoulders. I could finally breath and not have to hide anything.

I handed Austin his present and he opened it.

''Oh my gosh! Are you kidding me ?! This is the best Christmas ever!!!!!'' Austin yelled and practically attacked me.

''You said that when you got a Segway last year! What did you get him?!'' Michele said.

I laughed.

''Look mom!!!''

''Wow sweetie you shouldn't have gotten him this!'' She said and hugged me.

''Well he deserves it and we haven't had alone time in a while! And we can finally relax!'' I said.

''Well get used to relaxing cuz you'll be doing a lot of that!'' Michele said.

''Oh I know!'' I said.

''Now open my present!!'' Austin said excitedly. He handed me a small box.

I opened it.

''What's this?'' I asked.

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