Part 111

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''Kayla we're gonna get caught it's freaking Disneyland!'' Austin said.

''Shut up and follow me.'' I said taking his hand. He sighed and followed as we climbed over the gate carefully and quietly. We made it and we casually walked away towards the rides.

''See Austin?'' I asked.

''Fine.'' He said. We just walked around awhile just talking and having fun. We then decided to go into one of the shops inside. We went in and tried on funny hats and stuff and I got Minnie Mouse ears and Austin was lame and wouldn't get anything.

''Austin let's get ice cream.'' I whined.

''Okay let's go then!'' He said and we walked across Main Street to the ice cream shop. I got a chocolate cone and Austin got cookies and cream. We sat down at a table and started talking.

''Aren't you glad I brought you here?'' I asked.

''Yeahhhh.'' He said.

''Good! We should try going on a ride.'' I said smirking.

''Kayla.'' He said.

''Yes Austin?''

''If we do we really will get caught.'' He said.

''Then we'll run away and make some memories from it.'' I said.

''Fine we'll try I guess. But since when have you become a dare devil?'' He said.

''Since I met you.'' I said winking.

''Mmm I see.'' He said smirking.

''Yeah. This friend thing is hard.'' I groaned.

''God I know right. But these past few days have been fun with you.'' He said.

''Yeah they really have.''

''I'm gonna miss you too much when you leave.'' He said.

''I'm gonna miss you more I'll be so bored.'' I sighed.

''I will too I mean at least you have Sarah and Lexi and the guys.'' He said.

''Yeah but it's more fun with you and Alex.''

''I guess it is.'' He said smirking.

''Shut up.'' I said laughing. He chuckled at me.

''You're too cute.'' He said.

''I know! Now let's go!'' I said smiling and standing up. He stood up and grabbed my hand and I looked up and smiled at him.

''Let's do this!'' I said excitedly. He smiled and we walked towards a ride and got in line. I started getting nervous.

''Don't be nervous and back out now this was your idea.'' He said.

''I know whatever let's just get this over with.'' I said. We got to the front of the line and the guy asks us to see our wrist bands. Austin and I looked at each other then the guy got mad at us and called security. He told us to follow him and when he turned away we ran as fast as we could. We made it to the gates and ran out to the car holding hands and laughing together. We made it to the car and got in.

''Man that was close.'' I said out of breath.

''That was the best!'' Austin said.

''Yeah it was!!! See a memory we'll never forget!'' I said. I looked at him smiling and leaned in and the next thing I know, we're kissing.

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