Part 101

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''I feel awful doing this but I realized Austin's the one for me. I'm so sorry :/ :'('' was the text I was about to send to Nash.

''Do it before it's too late!'' Sarah was saying.

''Fine here goes nothing.'' I said and hit send. I felt awful doing that I'd rather do it in person but I had to do it sooner than later.

''Ugh I feel terrible about this but at the same my heart is free and a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders.'' I said.

''Yeah I understand now you just have to talk to Austin.'' She said excitedly.

''Yeah that's the worst part.'' I mumbled.

''You will be fine, you look amazing tonight and now you can tell him he's all yours and no one else's'' She said.

''True!'' I said. I groaned and sat back in the couch just thinking. Going back home would be horrible and I feel like a bitch for what I just did to Nash.

''Sarah what have I done to my life? I mess everything up!'' I said tears now pouring out of my eyes.

''Nothing's gonna be messed up anymore. Once you and Austin talk and get back together everything will be fine and your life will be complete.'' She said hugging me.

''Why did I have to mess everything up in the first place I just made everything worse.'' I cried into her arms.

''Shh the boys are coming back and you have to talk Austin.'' She said. I wiped my tears and sat up again.

''I hate my life.'' I mumbled.

''Shut up Kayla it's every girl's dream to date Austin Mahone and he's an amazing boyfriend you're so lucky.'' She said.

''I know I'm just talking about everything else.'' I said then the door opened. The boys walked in and Alex went straight to Sarah and Austin and I awkwardly just stared at each other.

''Umm I have something to tell you.'' I said to break the awkwardness.

''What is it this time?'' He groaned and sat down.

''I'm single again.'' I mumbled.

''What?'' He asked looking up at me.

''I'm single Austin, I broke up with Nash.'' I said in tear slipping from my eyes.


''Because I realized I don't love him, I love you and I couldn't continue on with our relationship, it made me feel awful. I did it for you.'' I said quietly.

''Thanks.'' He said really quietly.

''So can we talk alone about us?'' I asked.

''I'm not ready.'' He mumbled.

''Why not?''

''Because I'm not Kayla this is so much to take in and you expect me to get back together with you.'' He yelled.

''Austin calm down.'' I said standing up and sitting next to him.

''I don't Austin we just need to talk.''

''I know Kayla you just need to realize I need more time!'' He yelled again and stood up.

''Fine.'' I spat at him and walked out slamming the door. But before I slammed the door I turned around and said

''I'm so done with all your crap don't expect me to do all this for you and come back to you next time.''

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