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Part 106

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Austin and I went back to the hotel and we all just hung out and had good time together. I tried to act like everything was okay but my heart was broken.

''Let's play truth or dare!'' Rob yelled. I groaned but everyone else agreed so I just decided to play. I mean what could go wrong?

''Okay I'm first!'' Zach yelled.

''Austin truth or dare?'' He said.

''Truth.'' Austin said and I laughed.

''Who's your celebrity crush?'' He asked. I was mad and jealous and didn't want to hear the answer.

''I don't have a celebrity crush, there's only one person I love.'' He said catching a glance at me. I smiled.

''And it's you.'' He said pointing at Zach. We all laughed.

''Aww babe you're making me blush.'' Zach said in a girly voice.

''Okay next person... Alex truth or dare?'' Austin asked Alex.

''Hit me with a dare babe.'' Alex said winking.

''Alex he's mine!'' Zach yelled.

''God guys just shut up and play the game!'' I yelled and they all looked at me shocked. I motioned them to continue.

''Anyways, Alex I dare you to hmmmm I dare you to flirt with the first guy you see in the hall.'' Austin said smirking.

''I'm not doing that!'' Alex said.

''Yeah you are Alex you idiot.'' I said.

''I'll kiss you if you do.'' Sarah said laughing.

''Fine.'' He said angrily. He went out in the hall and found some random guy and went up to him.

''Hey so umm I was wondering if you know, you wanted to hang out sometime?'' Alex said touching the guy's arm flirtatiously.

''Eww what the f*ck man!'' The guy said and was pissed so Alex just ran away. We were all dying of laughter.

''Okay okay, Kayla truth or dare?'' He said.

''Dare.'' I said. Then Sarah, Zach and Robert were all whispering to him. Austin gave me a confused look and I just shrugged.

''Kayla I dare you to kiss Austin.'' He said. I looked shocked. I looked at Austin and he was pissed.

''Alex I don't want to if he doesn't want to.'' I said. Part of me wanted to kiss him but the other part of me didn't want to because then we would rush into this again.

''I'm not kissing her.'' Austin said. That hurt. A lot.

''I'm just gonna go to my room.'' I said awkwardly.

''Kayla we didn't meant to-'' Sarah started.

''It's fine it's not you.'' I said leaving the room. I would have gone in mine and Sarah's room but I remembered I didn't have a key and I didn't want to go so I just sat and thought in the hall.

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