Part 84

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I ended up just walking a few blocks and deciding on a hotel. I checked in and went up to my room. It wasn't a super nice hotel like I'm used to staying in with Austin but it's just what I need. Time alone to think. That night I cried myself to sleep.

I was talking to Austin and he kept crying.

''Babe what's wrong?'' I asked him.

''I can't keep doing this with you. You're right we're better off ignoring eachother we can't go on doing this anymore. He said sadly.

''Austin you just keep hurting me more and more. Like I said I'm done. We're done. I don't want to see you again because all you ever do is hurt me!'' I yelled angry at him.

''Can we at least try to be friends?'' He asked.

''No Austin do you not get it! All you have ever done to me is break my heart! Don't talk to me ever again!'' I yelled and run away leaving Austin in tears. I walk along the beach for about an hour then I decided to go back and apologize and say at least we can be friends but I'll need time to talk. As I'm coming near his house I hear sirens and see it stop at Austin's house. I start crying. Then they come out with a lifeless Austin on a stretcher.

''Austin! Noooo!'' I yelled.

''Austin!'' I yelled again and wake up covered in sweat. I start bawling. Why did everything have to do with Austin? I decided to call Lexi.

''Hey sweetie how are you?'' She answered. Gosh she's the best.

''Horrible can you come over I'm at the hotel a few blocks down.'' I said still crying.

''Yeah I'll be over in a few love you Kayla.'' She said. I heard talking in the background.

''Just a sec Kay.'' She said and talked to whoever in the back. Then her hand moved away from the phone and I can heard them talking. It's Austin.

''Why can't you just give me the phone!'' He yelled.

''Because she doesn't want to talk to you yet!'' She yelled back.

''Fine then when you go see her I'm following you!'' He yelled.

''Uh Lex.'' I said loudly.

''Oh yeah sorry you heard that?'' She said.

''Yeah. Please don't let him follow you.'' I begged.

''I won't don't worry babe. I'll see you soon.'' She said.

''Okay thanks Lex love ya!'' I said and hang up. Just talking to her on the phone cheered me up. I then think of why I called her and start crying again. That dream was awful but is that a sign I need to get back together with Austin? I hope not, I mean yeah I'll always love him but still it's hard to keep loving him after everything he's done. I hear a knock on the door and I know it's Lexi. I lazily get up and answer it. Lexi just stared at me then hugged me.

''Sorry I look awful!'' I said and laughed. I then went and sit on the bed.

''So what's up?'' She asked.

''I-I had a dream about Au-Austin.'' I said crying again. She rubbed my back.

''It's okay everything will be okay it was just a dream.'' She said calmly.

''What would I do without you Lex?'' I cried.

''What would I do without you!'' She said smiling.

''But I'm just a burden bringing all my problems to you. ALways relying on you for everything.'' I said starting to cry again.

''Kay you're my best friend you're my sister now I love you no matter how many problems you have and I'll always help you overcome them don't worry!'' She said.

''Thanks!'' I said smiling now.

''Why don't you get in the shower now and we'll just hang out and talk today?'' She suggested.

''Sounds good to me!'' I said and skipped along to the shower.

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