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Part 113

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Today we were leaving. I was sad to go but I knew it was for the best that Austin and I get more time apart this time without making any mistakes. This trip was great it made me realize I do love Austin and he's the one I want to spend the rest of my life with and I need to wait for him and not cause any problems in our relationship this time. Anyway today we were leaving at two so we were all going to lunch then heading to the airport. I got dressed then packed all my clothes. A half our later I was done and it was 11:30 so I decided to go see Austin. I knocked on the door and he answered looking sleepy. But when he saw me a smile formed on his face.

''Goodmorning sleeping beauty.'' I said laughing.

''Morning beautiful.'' He said smiling and then hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. Then we went and sat on the couch and started to talk.

''Wanna see if everyone else is ready cause we need to go.'' He said. I nodded and we got up and I went to get Sarah and mama and Austin got the boys. I went in our room and Sarah was just finishing packing.

''Ready to go?'' I asked.

''Yeah let's go!'' She said and we grabbed our suitcases and purses and headed out. We set our suitcases outside our room and got mama then all the boys came out.

''Here I'll take that.'' Austin said taking my suitcase and mama's.

''Such a gentleman.'' I said and he laughed.

''My mom taught me well,MM He said putting his arm around her. They were the cutest.

''Well I'm glad she did.'' I said smiling. Then we wet checked out and went to lunch. Lunch was pretty quiet everyone was mostly just sad. The boys were coming back with us except for Alex. He was staying for a while to keep Austin company.

''Ready?'' Austin asked as finished lunch.

''No.'' I said the tears that had been threatening in my eyes for the past few hours were going to spill anytime.

''C'mon it'll be okay.'' He said and pulled me into a big hug.

''Austin I can't.'' I said and pulled back and walked to the bathroom. I went in and cried. I needed to let all my emotions out. I wiped my eyes and cleaned up and walked out. Everyone looked at me worried.

''Are you okay?'' Austin whispered in my ear.

''Yeah I'm fine.'' I said.

''You're lying and you know it.'' He said.

''C'om everyone we're leaving.'' Michele said. Austin and I sat in the very back alone and he held me.

''What's wrong?'' He asked.

''I just needed to let my emotions out.'' I said. He nodded and kissed my forehead. The rest of the ride was silent. Once we got to the airport we all got out and Austin being the gentleman he got my suitcase for me and we all walked in, Austin and I hand in hand. The paparazzi were everywhere and fans were screaming for us.

''Keep going I'll come back for them.'' Austin whispered and I nodded.

''You know they're lucky to have you, most celebrities would just ignore them.'' I said.

''But I'm not most celebrities.'' He said and I smiled. We kept walking and finally it was time to say goodbye. I hugged Alex first.

''Take care of Austin please.'' I whispered.

''Don't worry I will. Take care of yourself.'' He said.

''I'll try.'' I said then pulled away. I let everyone else say goodbye before I would say goodbye to Austin. When he was done he came over to me a sad look on his face. I could tell he was trying to be strong for me. He pulled me into a huge comforting hug.

''Promise me you'll take care of yourself.'' He said.

''I'll try, I love you Austin don't forget me or us.'' I said.

''I won't I love you with all my heart princess.'' He said. I started crying into his chest. This was one of the hardest goodbyes.

''Shhh.'' He said rubbing my hair. He tilted my chin up wiped my tears and pulled me in for a kiss. I pulled back and smile. I missed that.

''I figured you'd need a goodbye kiss.'' He said smiling.

''I did thank you.'' I said and hugged him again right as the last call for our flight was called.

''Bye Austin I love you so much, call and FaceTime me.'' I said.

''I will, love you princess.'' He said kissing my forehead. Then I turned away to head back home. This was going to be a long few months.

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