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Part 9

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''Their names are Taylor and Tiffany. I'm sure you'll like them a lot!'' I said.

''Hopefully their hot!'' Robert said.

''Is that all guys care about?!''

''Well I liked you at first cuz you're hot but now I know you're more than just hot babe!'' Austin said coming over to us. He wrapped his arms around my waist standing behind me.

''See that's all you cared about!'' I said.

''Yeah well I want a hot girl and then I want make sure she's nice.'' Austin said.

''Whatever babe!'' I said.

''Let's go meet some friends of yours!'' Robert said getting excited.

''Sounds good!'' I said.

We walked over to where they were. Ritchell, Taylor and Tiffany all had brown hair and we all had similar personalities.

''Hey girls! Thanks for coming!'' I said walking to the table where the girls were.

''Hey! I've missed you!'' Ritchell said.

''I've missed you too!'' I said and gave them all a hug.

''Well this is my boyfriend Austin and his friend Robert who is single.'' I said winking at them.

''Hey guys!'' Robert said.

''Nice to meet you!'' Tiffany said.

''Yeah!'' Taylor said.

''Well I better get back to my table so I'll leave you girls and Robert to talk. I'll catch up with you later!'' I said.

''Okay sounds good!'' Taylor said.

*Later that night*

I went onto the dance floor and Austin and I danced to some slow songs together. I saw Robert and Tiffany dancing to the songs too. So I was guessing they really liked eachother! Zach and Bella were dancing too.

''I've had a really fun night with you!'' Austin whispered in my ear as we swayed back and forth to the music.

''I have too! It looks like Zach and Bella and Robert and Tiffany have too!'' I whispered back.

''Sure does! I can't wait for the tour. That's gonna be a lot of fun!''

''I know I'm so excited!'' I said.

The song ended so we decided to find Michele and Todd and talk to them. I ran up to Michele and gave her a big hug.

''I'm so happy for you Michele!! You look beautiful!''

''Aww thanks sweetie you look beautiful too!''

''Thanks!'' I said and gave Todd a hug while Austin talked to his mom.

''Congrats!!'' I said.

''Thanks, well Michele is your new mom!''

''Haha I know I'm excited and I'm sure Lexi is too!''

''Where is Lexi by the way?''

''With Jake somewhere I guess!''


We went over to talk to Zach, Robert, Bella and Tiffany.

''Hey guys!'' I said.

''Guess what?!'' Tiffany said.

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