Part 98

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Kayla's POV

I woke up after only sleeping for an hour and saw Austin, ALex and Sarah on the couch. Sarah handed me my phone and my face flushed but then I smiled,Sarah didn't seem too happy. Because it was Nash.

''You didn't tell them did you?'' I asked her.

''No, it's your life and your decisions.'' She said then my phone rang, it was Nash.

''Hey.'' I said trying ti act happy for him.

''Hey babe how's it going?'' He asked.

''Umm it's okay I think, we need to talk when I get back.''

''Okay why?''

''You'll see. Well I gotta go bye.'' I said so we wouldn't talk too long.

''Bye love you!'' He said.

''Love you too.'' I said without thinking and hung up. Shit I was screwed now. I looked at Sarah and panicked and she shrugged. I went and sat next to her and was in deep thought.

''Who was that?'' Austin asked.

''No one.'' I mumbled. Sarah nudged me and gave me the ''you need to tell him'' look. I shook my head. Then she gave me her puppy dog look.

''Tomorrow.'' I said to her.

''So what should we do tomorrow?'' I asked changing the subject.

''Well I have a show tomorrow night but we should do something fun before.'' Austin said.

''Okay!'' Sarah said. I fake smiled and Austin gave me a sympathetic look. There was a knock on the door. I got up and answered it. It was Michele. I let her in and she sat next to me. She put her arms around me.

''How are you doing sweetie?'' She asked me.

''Okay tomorrow's the day.'' I said.

''You're telling him?'' She asked referring to Austin.

''Yeah I guess I told the other person we need to talk when we go home. I mean I want to do it sooner but I can't do it while we're gone it makes me feel awful.'' I said hoping only Michele was listening to me.

''Yeah I understand just go with what you're doing now that's the best.'' She said.

''Yeah I guess.'' I said and she hugged me. She said she was going to bed and left.

''So umm... what was that about?'' AUstin asked scratching the back of his neck. That's what he always did when her was nervous.

''I'll tell you tomorrow.'' I mumbled playing with my hair. Sarah and Alex were now cuddling.

''Fine.'' He sighed. Sarah looked over and gave me a sympathetic look and I just shrugged. I laid back on the couch before I knew it I was asleep.

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