Part 63

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''Austin nothing's going on between us. Alex has just been here for me through all our hard times and he's the one who's helped me get through this. I would have left by now if it weren't for him. I would never date Alex, he's my brother I can't date him.'' I said to Austin.

''Why were you just hugging for like ten minutes then?'' He asked suspiciously.

''I was telling him thank you for everything and to take care of you.'' I mumbled the last part.

''I'm sorry Kayla, I didn't know.'' He said and hugged me.

''I'm sorry too I'm gonna go though.'' I said pulling away and kissing him on the cheek. He blushed.

I hugged Alex one more and left. I got a taxi and went to the airport. I was really sad about this. I love Austin so much. Why couldn't we work this out? I hopped on the plane and slept the whole way. And before I knew I landed. Crap! I never told anyone I was coming so I had no one to pick me up. I quickly dialed Michele's number.

''Hey sweetie!'' She answered.

''Hey umm I flew back and I'm in Miami again so would you come pick me up please?'' I asked.

''Sure! Explain in the car though!'' She said.

''Sure thing!'' I said and laughed.

''Okay I'll be there soon!'' She said.

''Okay thanks so much!'' I said and hung up. I walked off the plane and went to get my suitcase.''


''How are you doing?'' Michele asked as I got into the car.

''I'm okay.'' I said.

''So what's going on now?'' She asked.

''Well...'' I explained what happened.

''I just figured we needed a break. So I told him I was leaving.'' I said finishing.

''Yeah think it's a great idea.'' She said.

''I'm sorry for putting you through all this. I really am feeling horrible and also making you take care of Carter all the time.'' I said.

''Don't worry about it that's why I'm here.''

''Thanks Michele I love you and don't know what I'd do without you.'' I said as we arrived at Michele's house. I was just gonna stay there for a few days since Carter was there and so was Lexi that way I could talk to her.

I walked inside and went to bed.

Austin's POV

How could I let her go that easily. It was a stupid idea to make her jealous by kissing a Mahomie. I was cough up on the moment and I was mad. I felt horrible now. How was I supposed to perform when all I could do was think about her and regret all these decisions.

''Hey man you doing okay?'' Alex asked.

''No how am I supposed to perform like this? I mean yeah I've done it before but this time I let her go.'' I said.

''You'll be fine. Give her a day or two then call her. Maybe she'll want come to the EMAs in a couple weeks with you.'' He said.

''Yeah thanks man I don't know what I'd do without you and your advice.'' I said which reminded me of Kayla. This is what she meant he got me through all the tough times too.

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