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Part 42

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''Hey baby, how'd I do?'' Austin asked sitting down in our seats. The VMAs were about to start and I was super excited and nervous for Austin.

''Amazing duh! That was so sweet and cute of you to dedicate that performance to me!'' I said.

''Well who else would I dedicate it to?'' He asked smirking.

''I don't know!'' I said giggling.

''You're so cute!''

''Not as cute as you!'' I said.


''Guys shut up! The VMAs are about to start!'' Robert yelled at us.

''Well sorry!'' I said

''It's someone's time of month!'' He said turning away.

''Yeah yours!'' I said rolling my eyes.

''Well maybe it is and you'll just have to deal with it!'' He said crossing his arms.

''Robert, now you're the one who needs to shut up!'' Zach yelled.

''It's both of your time of the month.'' Austin said. I started laughing really hard.

''Shh babe I'm not that funny!'' He whispered in my ear sending chills all throughout my body.

''Welcome to the 2014 VMAs!'' The animator said.


''Nominated for 2014 Artist to Watch Austin Mahone, Selena Gomez, Becky G, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber''

''I'm so nervous!!'' Austin whispered.

''Babe, trust me you'll win and if not I'll still love you!'' I said and giggled.

''Well that makes me feel better!'' He said jokingly.

''Shh we'll miss it. But I love you and no matter what you'll do great and everyone loves you!'' I said.

''Love you too babe!'' He said.

''And the winner of the 2014 Artist to Watch goes tooooo................ Austin Mahone!!'' Everyone cheered and stood up and screamed and jumped around. I looked crazy but I was happy. Austin was walking up to the stage and his face lit up.

''Thank you so much! I want to thank my fans, my Mahomies,...., epecially God, and last but not least my amazing fiancé Kayla! She helped me get through all of this and without her I wouldn't be here today with as much confidence as I have. If it's okay I want Kayla to come up here.'' He said. I looked at him and I shook my head.

''C'mon babe!'' He said.

''Kayla, Kayla, Kayla!'' The crowd chanted. I stood up and walked towards the stage, Austin was walking towards me. He grabbed my hand and whispered

''It's okay babe, don't be nervous I'm here.'' Which again sent chills up my spine. The people on stage handed me a microphone obviously knowing what's going on. I took it confused. What was going on? I was now standing on stage awkwardly holding hands with Austin.

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