Part 41

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Today is the VMAs and I'm really excited. It's my first time being on the red carpet and going to a huge event with Austin. The past couple of days have been great just hanging out with everyone and not having to worry about taking care of Carter. Well of course I was worried about him but I just didn't have a baby physically with me to worry about.

''Let's go get ready!!!'' Sarah yelled. We ran to our room like little kids to get ready. Out of all the crew, only Sarah, Alex, Robert and Zach could come because of management.

We both curled our hair with wands and I did a cute updo with a braided headband. I did some light makeup which consisted of gold eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and some lipstick. I didn't want too much makeup so I didn't look crazy.
I wore dress with some cute heels
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Sarah had her hair down, similar make up and a beautiful lavender dress like mine. Someone knock on our bedroom door.

''Are you girls ready?'' Austin asked.

''Yeah, you can come in if you want!'' I said. I quickly sprayed myself with my favorite pink perfume and grabbed my phone.

''Wow you look... amazing!'' Austin said. I smirked.

''Thanks! So do you!'' I said kissing him.

He was wearing a custom black suit with red accents and of course his black and Jordan's. He looked really hot! As always!

''Are you ready?'' Austin asked.

''Yeah I'm nervous!'' I said. We were about to go on the red carpet.

''You'll do fine I'll be right next to you holding your hand.'' He said kissing me.

''Okay I'm better" I said and giggled.

''You just wanted a kiss didn't you?'' He asked.

''Maybe.'' I smirked. ''But seriously I am nervous.''

''You'll be fine! You're hot as hell babe everyone will love you!'' He said.

''Time to go on.'' Michael said.

Austin grabbed my hand and we walked out. At first the flashing lights blinded me but I got use to it.

''Just follow my lead and smile at the cameras!'' Austin whimpered in my ear.

''Austin so how's parenthood?''

''Are you ready for tonight?''

People kept asking multiple questions and Austin being the sweetheart he is nicely answered them all.


''I wanna dedicate this performance to my amazing girlfriend Kayla! I love you!''

I'm feeling your thunder
The storm's getting closer

Austin just dedicated his biggest performance song to me. He was so sweet. What would I do without him?

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