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Part 75

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It was 3 when Austin finally got home from the interview. I was sitting on the couch still inpajamas when Austin walked through the door. Austin saw me and ran over to me and sat on top of me.

''Austin get off you're hurting me!'' I yelled.

''No I like it here.'' He said smirking.

''Pwease.'' I said like a little kid.

''Fine. So I see you watched the interview.'' He said.

''Yeah. You're so sweet you almost made me cry.'' I said hugging him.

''Good.'' He said kissing my cheek. I just laughed.

''So you wanna get ready for our date?'' He asked.

''Yeah!'' I said excitedly.

''Hey Austin can I talk to you alone?'' Alex asked.

''Yeah we'll go in our room.'' Austin replied.

''I'll be in the shower.'' I said marching off to our room.

I take a shower and put my robe on and start brushing my hair. I wasn't trying to eavesdrop but Alex and Austin were kinda talking loud.

''Are you sure this is a good idea?'' Alex asked.

''Yeah it will be fine.'' Austin said sounding annoyed.

''Austin think straight here you're just gonna end up hurting her more.'' Alex said.

''Alex it's fine I'll figure it out tonight. You should probably go she'll come out any minute now.'' Austin said.

''Fine man but I warned you.'' Alex said leaving our room.

What were they talking about? I wondered. I just went back to brushing my hair and tried to forget about what they were saying. Austin knocked on the door as I grabbed my makeup.

''It's unlocked.'' I said as he comes in.

''Hey.'' He said.

''Whatcha doing?'' I asked, starting on my makeup.

''Nothing, just coming to see my princess.'' He said smiling.

''Where are we going tonight?'' I asked.

''It's a surprise.'' He said.

''You always say that! But what should I wear?'' I asked. He walked out of our room and into the closet. He came back with a gorgeous red dress and some cute black heels.

''I love it!'' I said hugging him. Then I leaned up and kissed him.

''Maybe I should pick your clothes more often.'' He said smirking.

''Hah in your dreams.'' I said smirking back at him. I then pushed him out of the bathroom and locked the door.

''Hey!'' He said banging on the door.

''I'm getting ready.'' I said.

''But I wanna see you.'' He whined.

''It's a surprise.'' I mock him. Then get back to my makeup and curl my hair then finally I get dressed. And after two hours of getting ready, I'm done. I walked out and Austin's asleep. Of course. I got into the bathroom again and grab a cup and fill it up and go and pour it on Austin's head then kiss him on the lips. He woke up quickly then I started walking out.

''I'm gonna get you!'' He yells.

''It's too bad I'm ready to go.'' I yelled back and close the door. I head downstairs and see Alex and Sarah on the couch.

''Hey hot stuff.'' Sarah said.

''Hey Sarah I've missed you.'' I said and hugged her.

''Hey Alex.'' I said who hasn't said a word or even looked at me. He just nods.

''What's up with you?'' I asked.

''Nothing.'' He said annoyed.

''Umm I wasn't eaves dropping on you earlier but-'' I started but he cut me off.

''What did you hear?'' He asked.

''I heard you say something about are you sure about this and I warned you and you're just gonna make her even more mad. What's going on?'' I asked.

''Nothing.'' He said not interested in the conversation anymore.

''Okay whatever, Sarah come here!'' I said and head into the kitchen.

''What's going on with Alex and why were they talking about that?'' I asked her.

''I would tell you but it's not my place to ask Austin at dinner.'' She said hugging me.

''Okay thanks.' I said and go and sit on the couch.

Austin comes down and noticed it's awkwardly silent and the tension.

''What's up guys?'' He asked.

''I don't know actually since no one will tell me.'' I said.

''Tell you what?'' He asked like everything's okay.

''You can tell me at dinner.'' I said fake smiling and heading out to the car.

''Kayla I was going to tell you.'' He starts.

''Tell me what? No one will tell me.'' I say angrily.

''It's nothing Kayla I promise it's just that they thought I should tell you that I didn't visit you in the hospital for about a month and a half because I was depressed and I would just sit at home not eating or anything.'' He says once we're outside.

''That's it.'' He says calmly.

''Okay whatever let's forget this and go to dinner.'' I say. He always opens the door for me and I smiled at him. This always makes me smile.

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