Part 78

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I walked outside and headed towards the beach. It was almost ten so it was pretty dark but right now I didn't care. I heard the door slam again and I figured it was Alex. I turn around and it was him. I run into his arms.

''I don't know where to go or what to do right now. I just want to die.'' I cried into his chest.

''Kayla come back home with me, you can stay in my room. I know you want to get away but you have nowhere to go and I'm really worried about you.'' He said.

''Can we just walk along the beach I need to think.'' I asked.

''Sure let's go.'' He said grabbing my hand.

We walked along the beach silently. I needed to calm down and the beach is my favorite place to go.

''Okay I'm ready to go home now.'' I said after we walked for an hour.

''Okay. Everything will be okay, I'm here and so is Lexi and Michele and soon Todd would be home. Don't worry.'' He said rubbing my back.

''Thanks Alex, I don't know what I'd do without you. You're like Austin but my best friend and I can almost trust you more.'' I said laughing.

''I hope that was a compliment.'' He said as we walk through the door.

''It was.'' I said laughing.

We walk through and see Austin on the couch and I immediately head upstair to change. I run into our room and lock the door. I changed into sweats and grabbed a bag and packed some clothes. Then I unlocked the door and headed out almost running into Austin who was waiting right outside the door. I just pushed past him and threw my bag in Alex's room and went downstairs to find Alex. I hear Austin following me.

''Austin just stop.'' I said not turning around.

''Kayla we need to talk though.'' He said grabbing my arm.

''Not now.'' I said and pulled my arm away. I find Alex in the kitchen and went sit with him at the bar. Austin is still behind me. I just lay my head in my arms.

''Austin she needs time.'' Alex said.

''Uhg why are you on her side now!'' Austin yelled.

''Dude chill, I was trying to help you but you didn't listen to me.'' Alex said defensively.

''What's going on?'' Michele said coming downstairs with Lexi.

''Maybe you should ask your son.'' I said and run to Lexi. She opened her arms up and I run into them and she comforted me.

''Austin what did you do? I thought I raised you better.'' Michele said with her hands on her hips.

''Mom seriously you don't understand.'' Austin said.

''Austin everyone understands you cheated on me and made my life hell.'' I said.

''Austin come with me.'' Michele said leading him into the living room.

I'm going to bed.'' I said and head upstairs.

''Where are you sleeping?'' Lexi asked.

''Alex's room.'' I respond.

''Okay you know where to find me if you need me.'' She said.

''Thanks Lex!'' I said and walked into Alex's room and fall asleep almost immediately in his bed.

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