Part 82

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Kayla's POV

*Next day*

I had a blast night with my new friends :D I was exhausted and slept till like one today. Today Alex was taking me out with Sarah to have fun together since we haven't hung out in a while and had fun. We all decided to go to the beach and hang out and swim and stuff. This past week had been great normally you'd think you're stupid why aren't you crying you just lost Austin. Well I have great friends helping me through this. I may smile and act like I'm totally fine on the outside but on the inside my heart is broken and I can't get that boy out of my head. No matter how hard I try. So I guess I really do love him. I just hope he loves me back. Yeah I want to get back together with him but after arguing I feel weird getting right back into the relationship and especially since he cheated. It just feels weird so I guess if we do get back together well just have to take it slow. And slow is good. I think we rushed into our relationship last time and boom I was pregnant and I don't want that happening again soon.

*at hone after the beach*

It was eight o'clock and we were finally home. I went upstairs exhausted from yet another amazing day. I went to go lay on my bed but I heard a crinkle. I get up and find a note from Austin. It said:

Dear Kayla,

I feel awful about everything I did and I hope you'll let me explain. If you will be ready, tomorrow at 5 PM because I'm taking you on a nice walk on the beach then to Olive Garden. And I promise you that I was going to tell you at dinner the other night and I was going to tell you when you asked me but I didn't know what to do. I'm sorry. It would mean a lot if we could talk tomorrow.


A very sad boy who wants forgiveness named Austin ♥

I laughed a little at the end. I almost cried reading the note but I wasn't sure I was ready to be alone on a date with Austin but I guess we need to do this before it's too late. I decided to go tell Austin I would go on the date. I started getting up when I felt my cheek wet. I wiped my eyes quickly and headed to mine and Austin's room. I guess I missed him so much that I started crying. By the way I have still been staying in Alex's room, I felt bad so I slept on the floor even though Alex wouldn't let me, I insisted. Anyways so now I'm at our door. I hesitate before opening the door. I guess I should knock. I knocked lightly.

''Come in.'' Austin said sadly. I opened the door a crack and Austin was laying on our bed thinking. He looked up and saw me and a faint smile appeared on his face. I couldn't help but feel horrible. Of course I'm so emotional so tears started forming in my eyes. I quickly turned and wiped them then sat next to Austin who was now sitting up. We stayed quiet for a few minutes.

''I just wanted to let you know I'll go with you tomorrow.'' I said quietly.

''Really?'' He said excitedly.

''Yeah I mean we need to talk so yeah.'' I said.

''Umm okay so I was just thinking we could walk along the beach and talk then go to Olive Garden.'' He said. It was kinda awkward now.

''Of course were going to Olive Garden.'' I said and giggle.

We can go somewhere else.'' He said.

''No you know I love Olive Garden!'' I said.

''Okay.'' He said and laughed a little. It was silent again. It was awkward.

''Well, I'm just gonna pick out my outfit for tomorrow and i'll be on my way.'' I said awkwardly and walk into our closet.

''Okay.'' He said and once I'm in the closet he let out a big sigh. I couldn't help but cry. I silently cried for a second and then wiped my tears so he wouldn't see and picked out a cute sundress and sandals. Then I walked out of the closet to see Austin staring at me. I smile weakly at him then turn and walk out. I let out a sigh as I leave. That was awkward I thought. I just hope we can work this out.

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