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Part 74

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''Babe you ready to go? I brought you these clothes to change into.'' Austin says coming into my room to get me. I was so excited to get out of this horrible room.

''Yeah thanks.'' I said kissing him on the cheek and grabbing the clothes he brought me. I went into the bathroom and put on the sweats and one of his Trukfit sweatshirts he brought me. Then I brushed my wet hair in a messy bun, packed my bathroom stuff up and walked out. I put everything in my bag and Alex and Michele grabbed the flowers and cards, while Austin insisted on helping me out. He took mu hand and walked out with me.

''Finally I get to say goodbye to this room and hello to my baby.'' Austin says looking back at the room and kissing my cheek.

''Just being in here a week has been hell, how did you manage for sever months?'' I ask.

Well when you have a goof purpose you're not really thinking about how horrible this place is , you're just thinking about the love of your life.'' He says.

''Aww babe. I'm so glad to go home and cuddle with you.''

''You don't know how much I've missed cuddling and kissing you. It was awful. For seven months I just got to hold your hand.'' He said with a sad and sincere look in his eyes.


''So how would you like if I took you on a date tomorrow night?'' Austin asks as we're cuddling in bed about to go to sleep.''

''I would love that.''

''Good because I've missed that.'' He says kissing my forehead.

''Come here.'' I say grabbing his face and kissing him.

''God I've missed that.'' He says smiling our foreheads touching as we look into each others eyes.

''Night baby, love you.'' I say snuggling back in bed.

''Love you too.'' He says.


I woke up to an empty bed and a note from Austin.

Hey Princess,

Forgot to tell you I had an interview this morning. Turn the TV on and watch it. Love you babe, be home soon ♥

Austy ;)

I turned the TV on and Austin was just about to come on.

''Welcome our guest Mr. Austin Mahone.'' The interviewer said.

I: How are you doing? No ones heard from you in a while.

A: I'm doing great. Yeah I was taking a break my girlfriend was in a coma for seven months and she's finally awake and home now. *smile*

I: So how's she doing?

A: She's okay umm our baby dies inside her while she was in a coma and her parents died and she had a lot of dreams that seemed real to her so she's having trouble taking this all in but she's doing much better. And hopefully she's watching this right now. *looking a the camera*

I: What was it like for you while she was in a coma?

A: It was the hardest thing for me. I made some mistakes I regret and I went to see her everyday and sang to her hoping she would wake up. And during that time I think I really let down my Mahomies, I just hope they understand.

I: They will it was a hard time for you. So many last words to your Mahomies or girfriend?

A: Yeah, to Mahomies I'm sorry for letting you down. I feel awful and I hope you understand. I'm back in the studio ready to make it up to you! And to my amazing girlfriend I love you so much and would do anything for you and in those seven months half of me was missing because you weren't in my life. I love you baby and hope you're watching!

He says. I started tearing up. I turned the TV off then went on Twitter and tweeted:

''Don't leave or lose hope in Austin he's back ♥''

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