Part 108

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The next morning I woke up to the boys talking but I kept my eyes closed so I could listen.

''Guys I really don't know what to do.'' Austin said.

''Dude I know it's gonna be hard but you need the time apart.'' Rob said.

''I know I just wish we could be back together and everything be normal again. I want my baby back.'' Austin said sadly.''

''You and her should just hang out today and do something fun together.'' Zach said.

''Yeah we should, I'll talk to her.'' Austin said.

''Yeah we'll help you if you need anything.'' Rob said.

''How about we make breakfast?'' Austin said. I awwed in my head.

''Noooo I'm too lazy.'' Zach said.

''And we'll probably burn down the whole hotel.'' Rob said and I mentally laughed.

''Fine I'll make breakfast for me and my baby.'' Austin said.

''You and your baby.'' Rob mocked.

''Shut up, you would understand if you were in love too.'' Austin said.

''Maybe I am.'' Rob said.

''Zach doesn't count idiot.'' Austin said laughing.

''I'm offended.'' Zach said.

''You guys are idiots.'' I said sitting up. They all looked at me surprised.

''I thought you were asleep.'' Rob said.

''I wasn't.'' I smirked.

''Seriously.'' Zach groaned.

''So go make me breakfast boys.'' I said.

''Yes master.'' Rob said bowing down at me. I laughed.

''C'mon my baby make me breakfast.'' I said mimicking Austin. He glared and went into the kitchen.

''Okay idiots I'm going to change.'' I said and left.

I changed into a cute maxi skirt and a crop top and some sandals. I put on light makeup and left my hair down naturally wavy and grabbed my phone, sunglasses and purse and went back to the boys room. Everyone went back to the boys room. Everyone but Austin was sitting on the couch.

''Did you just make my baby cook everything.'' I said mocking Austin. Rob and Zach laughed and Sarah and Alex looked at us confused.

''Yeah'' Rob laughed.

''Did you really want us to burn the hotel down?'' Zach asked.

''Well that still could happen.'' I said.

''Heard that!'' Austin shouted from the kitchen. I laughed and went into the kitchen to see Austin cooking some gourmet meal.

''Hey.'' I said sitting on the counter.

''Hey Kay how are you?'' He asked.

''I'm okay.'' I said watching him cook. He came up in front of me and hugged me and I hugged back.

''This whole friends thing sucks.'' Austin said not letting go.

''Yes it does.'' I said resting my head on his shoulders.

''I have an idea, you might think I'm crazy though!'' Austin said pulling back. Oh god I thought laughing.

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