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Part 34

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Austin's POV

I looked over at the car who hit us and what do you know it was Taylor. I can't believe she did this! was beyond pissed at her. held Kayla and kissed her forehead.

''I love you Kayla and I always will. I will stay by your side this whole time'' I said to her. I was bawling now thinking about what would happen to her. I heard sirens and I knew the ambulance was here.

''Sir we will take it from here. I need you to go talk to the officers over there.'' The medic said.

''Okay but I'm coming in the ambulance with her.'' I said.

''Okay I understand. Everything will be all right.'' He said trying to comfort me. I walked over the officer and I explained everything that happened.

''Thanks Mr. Mahone we will take her in for questioning.'' The officer said.

''Okay thank you.'' I said and turned around and ran towards the ambulance.

''Okay we're ready to go!'' The medic said as I hopped in the back of the ambulance. I grabbed Kayla's hand and held onto it. I decided to call my mom.

''Hey honey what's up?''

''Hey mom... uh we got into an accident... and uh... Kayla is unconscious. We're on our way to the hospital.'' I said fighting back the tears.

''Okay honey are you alright?''

''Yeah I'm fine. It's just... Kayla...''

''I know you'll be alright! How'd you get hit?''

''It was Taylor, I'll explain everything at the hospital just please hurry.''

''Okay stay strong sweetie!'' She said and hung up. We were now at the hospital and I had to wait in the waiting room now until they said I could go into the room.


''Hey Austin, how are you doing?'' My mom said coming to sit next to me.

''I'm fine.'' I lied.

''Do you want to tell me what happened?''

''Sure...'' I explained everything.

''It's my fault! I was telling her I loved her and not paying attention!''

''Austin, it's not your fault! We know she did this on purpose!'' My mom said hugging me.

Why did my life have to be so messed up! I proposed to her and then we get into a bad accident! Could my life get any worse! I had my head in my hands right now because I didn't want anyone to see me crying. I had never cried in my life except for when Mema died but other than that I have never really cried especially this much.

I felt someone shake me.

''Mr. Mahone you may go back now.'' The doctor said. I got up and so did my mom. We followed the doctor back and I saw Kayla laying on the bed sleeping.

''We tried getting her conscious again. But the impact on her head made her go into a coma. But we think she will wake up soon.'' The doctor said. I ran over to Kayla and held her hand and kissed it.

I couldn't do this anymore.

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