Part 1

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*Kayla's POV*

I was excited because today we were meeting Todds fiancé. Lexi, Bella and I were invited to go dinner with Todd, his fiancé and her son who was our age!

*After School*

Bella and I were going to Lexi's house.

When we got to Lexi's house we went up to her room and sat on her bed.

"Did you see what Austin said on Twitter?" Lexi asked.

"No what did he says?" I asked as I pulled up Twitter on my phone.

We were all huge Mahomies since the beginning of shootusdown! We have never been to a concert and we really want to and he lives in Miami too so we were hoping one day soon we could!

I scrolled throught my Twitter feed until I saw what Austin said
@AustinMahone: Mama's engaged! ☺ Meeting their family tonight! So excited!

"Umm are you guys thinking what I'm thinking?" I said.

"Yeah but that's impossible, like your dad would have told us cuz he knows we would kill him if he didn't!" Bella said.

"True yeah, like I wish this were true but there are tons of people in Miami who are engaged so I'm sure it's not them!" Lexi said.

"I'm still really excited!" I said.

"Me too! That boy could be your future husband! Oh my gosh! Then we could be related!!!!! Ahhh yes! I'm definantly setting you two up! Hopefully he's hot!" She said and winked at me.

"Whatever guys!" I said rolling my eyes.

"What you don't want to be my sister!" Lexi said.

"You know what I mean! Let's get ready cuz remember we have like 30 minutes drive to the reastaurant so we leave at 5 and it's 3:45."

"Okay you know the drill girls!" Lexi said. We had been to eachothers houses so much that we just borrowed clothes without asking instead of bringing clothes for a sleepover. I walked into Lexi's huge walking closet. I looked for a cute dress. I got dressed and so did Lexi and Bella. Lexi wore a dress that had a white top and floral bottom it had a belt separating the top and bottom part. She chose nude heels to go with it. Bella wore a tight fitted aqua blue dress and black heels. We all curled our hair and did our makeup.

*After Hair And Makeup*


"Okay girls we have like 10 minutes before we have to leave." Lexi said coming out of the bathroom.

"Dang Lex you're hot!" Bella said.

"Uhem well take a look at that sexy thang over there whose the one who needs to look hot!" She said referring to me. I blushed. Everyone looked great! I got my pink perfume and we all sprayed ourselves and grabbed our clutches and headed out thd door.

*30 Minutes Later (at the restaurant)*

We walked into the fancy restaurant and got a table. We were the first ones there so we all just sat and made small talk till Todd's fiancé and son came.

"Dad is he cute. Cuz remember Kayla's single!" Lexi said. Oh god tonights gonna be a long night I thought!

"Don't ask a guy that!" Todd said and I laughed.

We continued talking until we heard girls screaming like fangirl screaming. We looked over and I started to cry because.....

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