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Austin's POV

It was now dark so I decided to walk home. I walked with my head down and my hands in my pockets.

How could she not remember me?

I have to do something to make her remember me. Maybe I'll show her picture of us. That might work.

I got home and showered, put on some shorts and Jordans then I went through the pics on my phone and e-mailed myself some and printed them off and made a scrapbook. I wasn't that artsy but I though what I had done was pretty good. In the back I left a note for her.


When I heard you say ''who are you?'' my heart literally broke. It was the worst feeling ever. I hope you remember me now. I proposed to you the night we got into an accident. It was the happiest and saddest day of my life. I love you so much. Please don't forget that too. Do this for me and our son Carter. We both love you and miss you so much!

That should work I thought. I went upstairs and saw Sarah taking care of Carter. I hadn't seen him in a couple days because I was so worried about Kayla.

''Thanks Sara! I'm such a bad father, I haven't seen him in two days!'' I said a tear falling.

''Hey Austin! You're doing the best you can!'' She said hugging me.

''Thanks. I'l take it from here.'' She handed me Carter and left the room.

I sat in the rocking chair and held Carter. I was so tired since I hadn't slept in three days that I just drifted off to sleep with Carter in my arms.

Kayla's POV

I stayed in the hospital another day. Michele, whom I still didn't remember, said she was my boyfriend's, Austin, mom. She gave me a little scrapbook that Austin made. It had pictures of us in it. I still didn't remember him at all. The note in the back though made me cry. I didn't know I had a son and that I was proposed to.

I went home to guess it was Austin's and I house. I went upstairs to see Carter to see if I remembered him. Michele led me to his room. Austin was in there asleep on the rocking chair with Carter in his arms. All of a sudden memories flooded back to me.

A tear fell down my cheek as I remembered the moment I gave birth to Carter and the moment Austin proposed to me.

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