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Part 65

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Austin's POV

It's been a few days. (Since the last chapter) I still haven't talked to Kayla but today I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna ask her to be my date to the EMAs. I was nervous but excited.

Me: Hey... Would you want to be my date to the EMAS? Call me if you want otherwise texting is good too...

Well that was an awkward message but I just really hope she calls or at least responds. Today I had an interview at a radio station. I changed and left still waiting for the call or text. We arrived at the radio station (Me, Alex and Rocco)

*At the interview*

(I-Interviewer, A-Austin)

I: So are you ready for the EMAS?

A: Yeah I'm super excited.


I: So how are you and Kayla doing? She's not here is she?

A: No she's back in Miami taking care of Carter. To be honest I really don't know how we're doing. We're taking a break right now. But I love her and always will. I don't know what I'd do without her.

I: Sounds like you really love her don't you?

A: Yeah I really do and this week has been hard.

I: Yeah well thanks for coming!


I finished the interview and decided to check Twitter. It was hard talking about Kayla. But I really hoped she saw it.


Me: @Kayla_Mahone Hope you're doing okay! Did you see my interview?

A few seconds later I got tons of tweets from Mahomies saying again she's not worth it and we just needed to break up already.

Me: FYI Mahomies, Kayla is perfect and I couldn't ask for a better fiancé so before you say something about her to me think.

I was mad at them. They always did this and they obviously weren't true Mahomies for saying this. My phone vibrated and I got a response on my tweet from Kayla. A smile grew on my face.

Kayla: Wouldn't miss it for the world :) You're too sweet! Can't wait till you come home! Miss you a lot and I could be better :/

Me: I'll be home before you know it :) Call me babe.

Kayla's POV

Austin texted me asking me to go to the EMAS with him. At this point in our relationship I really didn't know. I decided to think about it. I turned the TV on and Austin's interview was on so I watched it. He talked about me and how much he missed me which was super sweet and cute. I could tell he was miserable like me.

*After tweets.*

I decided I would call Austin since he wanted me too and I wanted to talk to him.

''Hey.'' He answered sadly.

''Hey I just wanted to let you know I'd be happy to be your date to the EMAS!''

''Really?!'' He asked. I could tell he was now smiling.

''Yeah! I miss you Austin and I've been miserable ever since I left.''

''I have too.''

''When are you coming home?''

''Tomorrow!! I have something to sing you!'' He said excitedly.

''Okay I love when you sing to me.''

''I love you Kayla and I really missed you and I hope you'll never leave me again.'' He said.

''I love you too, you captured my heart and I could never leave you.

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