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Part 68

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''I think it's time to propose to her. I mean yeah we're young but we can be like you guys and wait a little bit but I just want to be able to call her mine and I know no one else can have her and she'll be mine for the rest of our lives.'' Alex said.

''Aww that's so sweet!'' I said.

''Yeah man we'll be happy to help you!'' Austin says.

''Austin always has great ideas for this stuff. He made ours perfect so I know yours will be perfect too!'' I said.

''Yeah I know Austin's good at this stuff I'm not.'' Alex said laughing.


When we got home we just cuddle and talked. I missed him so much.

''I missed you a lot and I'm glad you're back.'' I say as we lay in bed about to fall asleep.

''I missed you too and I'll never let you leave again I promise.'' He says in my ear.

''Yeah well now we know.'' I say.

''I love you so much and I'm glad we started a family and soon we'll be married.'' He says.

''So am I, my life is almost perfect!''

''Why almost?''

''We're not married yet, once we are my life will be perfect.''

''Ever since the day I met you my life has been perfect.''

''It's weird to think where we would be now and what we would be doing if we had never met.''

''Yeah that's weird. I'd probably still be touring and I'd be single probably.''

''Yeah, I'd be starting college and looking for a job. But I don't know where I'd be living since my parents died.'' I said tearing up.

''Well I guess it's good we met otherwise we'd be loners.'' He said laughing, trying to lighten the mood.

''Night baby, I love you and I'll never let you go.'' Was the last thing I hear before I fell asleep.


Today is the day we're gonna help Alex plan the proposal. But I felt bad for Sarah because Alex just got back and all he would be doing is spending time with us and not Sarah.

Alex's POV

I was so excited yet nervous to propose to Sarah. What if I mess up? What if she says no? I was ready to spend the rest of my life with Sarah. I remember the first time I saw her. She walked into our third period algebra class and I knew I had to get her. She was beautiful. She looked at me and we made the most awkward eye contact ever. But I couldn't look away I was lost in her eyes. Then the teacher told me to show her around because apparently I was ''nice'' and ''knew the school well'' so I showed her around. It was amazing. I tried getting to know her but she was shy. By the end of the day I would say we were pretty good friends. She hung out with the crew and a few of the other girls that hung out with us. That weekend we all hung out and played truth or dare. My dare of course was to kiss whoever I wanted. It was weird and awkward and embarrassing but I did it. It was amazing. That night before she left I asked her out. And she said yes. Yes we've had our ups and downs throughout our relationship but I knew she was the one for me. She captured my heart.

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