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Part 48

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Today Austin was heading to Fort Loderdale for a concert, he was only gonna be there for a couple days which was nice. I didn't go with him so just Alex and him could go and hang out and have break away from Carter.

''Bye babe!'' Austin said hugging me.

''Bye Austy!'' I said using my nickname for him. We never used our full names with each other unless we were angry.

''I'll miss you! Take care of my other baby!'' He said.

''I will! I'll miss you more I'll be here all alone...'' I said trying to make him feel bad.

''I told you, you could come.'' He said. I could now see the sadness in his eyes.

''But I don't want to be a clingy girlfriend.'' I said still playing around with him.

''Fiancé!'' He corrected. ''And you're not clingy at all.'' He said.

''I'm just teasing babe, I want you and Alex to have a break and just have fun!'' I said giggling.

''Thanks babe! I owe you but right now I'm gonna get you for making me feel bad!'' He said. I started running around the condo. I ran into the leaving room and jumped over the couch and ran around the kitchen. Austin was catching up quickly so I ran through the kitchen ending up in the living room again. I tried running away but Austin tackled me. I was now lying flat on my back on the ground. While Austin was straddling me.

We just looked into each other eyes until Austin started tickling me. I laughed really hard and almost started crying from laughing so hard.

''Your laugh's cute babe!'' Austin said.

''Thanks I try.'' I said.

Austin came down so he was now laying on top of me. Our forehead touching then all of a sudden he was kissing me really aggressively and I kissed back. He pulled back for a sec, our foreheads still touching.

''Babe you're really turning me on.'' He said with his really sexy voice.

''You're the one turning me on.'' I said between breathes. He leaned down to kiss again when the door opened.

''Am I interrupting something?'' Alex awkwardly said.

''Uhh no.'' I said blushing. We started getting up.

''You're cute when you blush.'' Austin whispered in my ear. I covered up my cheeks and giggled.

''Sorry to interrupt but we gotta get going Austin.'' Alex said.

''Okay, bye babe I love you!'' Austin said hugging and kissing me.

''Love you too!'' I said.

''I'll be right back.'' He said. He went into Carter's room to say goodbye to him. I could hear him talking.

''Bye baby! You take care of your mommy for me. Watch out for her.'' He said then I could hear him kiss him on the head.

''Bye Alex have fun and take care of Austin.'' I said hugging him.

''I will! Take care of yourself.'' He said hugging back.

''Okay let's go!'' Austin said said grabbing his red suitcase. He kissed me one more time and headed out.

Times like today was when I really truly loved Austin and couldn't imagine my life without him. He showed me he cared and loved me and showed me affection and that's all I needed for me to be happy.

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