Creepiest Fairy Tales Ever Told by Monrosey
Creepiest Fairy Tales Ever Toldby DS Jamison
Although these are called fairy tales, don't let that fool you ... not all of them have happy endings. In fact, some are filled with what nightmares are made of. Did you...
  • classics
  • fairytale
The Pianist || MYG || ✔ by chimchimicorn
The Pianist || MYG || ✔by Bee
World famous pianist Min Yoongis life fell to ruins after the death of his wife. . Despite his guilt, he couldn't keep away from the piano, but could not bare to touch...
  • bangtansonyeondan
  • classical
  • wattys2018
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TwoSetLove: a Breddy fanfic by bestnuggetboy
TwoSetLove: a Breddy fanficby A Dedicated TwoSetter
Classical music fans all know and love Brett and Eddy, the hosts of the TwoSetViolin channel on YouTube. There's never one without the other, they're like two peas in a...
  • artist
  • violinist
  • twosetviolin
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Hunk by _Gypsy_Girl_
Hunkby A.Dee
"Go to my room and wait for me there." His words kept playing in my mind like a CD. I was now in his room, everything was dark outside and inside too. Nobody k...
  • chicklit
  • arrangedmarriage
  • featured
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The Three Musketeers (1844) (Completed) by AlexandreDumas
The Three Musketeers (1844) ( Alexandre Dumas
The Three Musketeers (French: Les Trois Mousquetaires) is a novel by Alexandre Dumas, which recounts the adventures of a young man named d'Artagnan after he leaves home...
  • alexandredumas
  • thedartagnanromances
  • classics
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Pride And Prejudice, The Sequel  by orangecobra
Pride And Prejudice, The Sequel by orangecobra
I have just finished reading Pride and Prejudice for the 100th time, and I really wanted to see how Elizabeth and Darcy handle their married life, so I decided to write...
  • darcy
  • classics
  • prideandprejudice
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Persuasion (1818) by JaneAusten
Persuasion (1818)by Jane Austen
More than eight years before the novel opens, Anne Elliot, then a lovely, thoughtful, warm-hearted 19 year old, accepted a proposal of marriage from the handsome young n...
  • classics
"House Wife" by pradhanas
"House Wife"by pradhana
Ranking #10 in husband and wife 25-6-2018 ranking # 3 in housewife 6-7-2018 is that what you think of me? "YES, I'M A HOUSE WIFE", and i won't regret for wha...
  • children
  • teenfiction
  • husbandandwife
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Modern Cinderella Story (short story) by halasaad1991
Modern Cinderella Story (short Hala Saad
Since Anika's parents passed away when she was a child , she has been working as a maid for her wicked aunt and her two cousins in her own house ,hidden flower behind...
  • ambition
  • rajput
  • featured
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Despair is Pink (human Monokuma x reader)  by Reisuke_5th
Despair is Pink (human Monokuma L E A D E R
The title says it all folks.
  • ahoge
  • danganronpa
  • monokuma
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The Midnight Club by mapleleaf1
The Midnight Clubby mapleleaf1
Alice Smith: No money, no friends, no daddy--nothing to lose, right? Except maybe her pride, the only thing tougher than her attitude. And, of course, her one love--whom...
  • classism
  • riverdale-high
  • darkness
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Ellie Brooks by ashleyzirnite
Ellie Brooksby Ashley Zirnite
"He hit you didn't he!" Caleb yells storming through the door. He looked a mess, almost as bad as me. His eyes were red and puffy like he'd been crying. His ha...
  • fun
  • chicklit
  • love
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REVENGE (18+) by Trishti_suman
REVENGE (18+)by Bitchy Troll girl
Sara marries Aarav. Aarav love Reyansh. Reyansh hates Sara. "Never underestimate the power of extremely pissed off women " "I have a passion for him, a p...
  • steamy
  • lovestories
  • romance
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~•Lust or Love?•~ completed by catloving
~•Lust or Love?•~ completedby Shravani
#1 Highest Ranking! Thirst Of Power "Attack! " A female voice was heard and within seconds the sound of clashi...
  • teenfiction
  • chicklits
  • fiction
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In your Mind by sanagirish
In your Mindby SanaG
What if you could read minds? What if there was an entire world you were unaware of? Little does Tiara know that she is not the only one with powers. Tiara Ramond has a...
  • paranormal
  • action
  • random
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Hers | ✔ | (Editing) by xxKeepGoingxx
Hers | ✔ | (Editing)by ⦁N a d i a⦁
❝I know love can be as pointless as it is to Nancy, and perhaps even as revolting as it is to Bill Sikes, but for me, I don't think it would be half as bad with you.❞ ...
  • lawkawski
  • comedy
  • spiritual
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To Kill A Mockingbird by TheClassics_
To Kill A Mockingbirdby The Classics
The unforgettable novel of a childhood in a sleepy Southern town and the crisis of conscience that rocked it, To Kill A Mockingbird became both an instant bestseller and...
  • classics
  • classic
  • lee
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A French Girl in New York ( The French Girl Series #1) by annadams
A French Girl in New York ( The Anna Adams
Maude Laurent is a spirited 16 year-old orphan who grew up in a small, provincial town in the North of France with a passion for piano and a beautiful voice. One day in...
  • sequel
  • piano
  • newyork
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10 Things I hate About Her by edanmorez
10 Things I hate About Herby Edan Morez
An LGBT novel. THE ROAR OF THE CHEERING CROWD. Val Wash is one her school's best soccer players. She's charming, smooth talking and can get out of trouble with ease. ...
  • love
  • happy
  • music
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The Punk's Bride by _Gypsy_Girl_
The Punk's Brideby A.Dee
''Enough!'' He yelled, locking the door after them. ''Open the damn door.'' she commanded, he was mistaking her with those girls he treats like a shi* ''You have shown e...
  • rich
  • possessive
  • nickbateman
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