Part 22

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''I'm so sorry Kayla! I'll talk to him about it!'' Zach said giving me a hug. I told them everything.

''Thanks guys and sorry I wasn't very nice when I first got here I just needed time!'' I said.

''We understand. Let's go get some dinner and get our minds off things.'' Robert suggested.

''Sounds good to me!'' I said.

It was just me, Sarah and the two boys. The girls are out of town for school but they'd be back the they before I leave. All the other couples were still going strong! Which I was happy for them but I always wondered why it had to be me.

I went upstairs to change into some nice clothes. I picked out a cute dress and some flats and fixed up my makeup. I grabbed a clutch and went downstairs.

''You're the cutest pregnant girl ever!'' Robert said.

''Uhh thanks Robert... I guess.'' I said a little weirded out.

''It's true!'' Zach chimed in.

''You guys are weird but you do have the cutest pregnant girl style I've seen.'' Sarah said saving me.

''Thanks Sarah!''

''Let's go!''


We went to a fancy restaurant and we all ordered. I was sitting by Sarah with the boys across from us. Robert's phone started ringing.

''Sorry guys just a sec.'' He said and answered his phone.

''Hey... yeah... why... yeah you did... why don't you figure it out yourself... you should feel like an idiot... she's pregnant dude figure it out... no she's not talking to you right now... yeah sure maybe later whatever... I will don't worry... dude pregnant chicks have weird hormones chill... okay whatever bye.''

I could tell it was Austin.

''What did he want?'' I asked.

''He wanted to tell you what happened but I'll tell you later.''

''But I want to know now!''

''No later you'll see why later. It's nothing bad don't worry!''

''Fine.'' I said sadly.

''Just trust me.'' He said.

''I'll try.''


Dinner was fun and we just talked about everything I missed and they asked me what I had been up to. It was nice talking to them.

''Kayla sit down and we can talk now.'' Robert said.

''Okay can they listen too?'' I asked talking about Sarah and Zach.

''Yeah we have to hurry cuz Michele and Todd will be here in an hour with dessert.''

''Yay! I can't wait to see them!'' I said happily. I sat down on the couch in between Zach and Sarah and Robert sat across from us.

''Okay so that girl that was talking to Austin on the phone was Ginger, his vocal coach, thelling him it was time to go on stage for his concert. He thought you knew that, that's why he didn't explain it.''

''Oh wow I'm so stupid!'' I said with tears running down my eyes.

''And this is why we waited.'' He said trying to lighten the mood.

''I look terrible and I hate these hormones!'' I yelled.

''Shh you're okay I'll fix you up come upstair real quick!'' Sarah said.


''Oh my gosh I've missed you so much!!'' I said hugging Todd and Michele.

''We've missed you too!'' Todd said.

''You look great sweetie!'' Michele said.

''Thanks!'' I said.

We sat at the table and ate the chocolate cake they bought and talked.

''Yum my favorite!'' I said.

''I knew you'd want it.'' Michele said. Oh how I love hoe she understands me completely.


''Hey sorry I didn't explain I thought you knew.''

''It's fine my hormones are crazy I shouldn't have reacted that way.''

''You're the strongest person I know you know that right.''

''Not really cuz I cry too much.''

''Well you're strong!''

''Fine I'm strong.''

''Good! Only three days babe!''

''I know I can't take this any longer!''

''Neither can I!''

''I have to go I only get three hours of sleep tonight then were off in the morning and I want to take advantage of this sleep.''

''Sorry I shouldn't have talked to you this long but get used to it cuz we won't get much sleep for long!'' I said joking.

''Ugh I know but I'm excited!'' He said.

''Me too now go get some sleep baby love you!''

''I love you too babe! Night!'' He said.

I hung up and went to bed happy that I was happy again and everything was okay and I'd be seeing Austin soon!

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