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Part 26

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''Ready to go?' Austin asked grabbing my hand.

''Yeah let's go!'' I said excitedly.
Today was my first appointment, Austin was going too. We were going to see sonograms of the baby (I think that's what they're called). I was super excited. We had talked it over and decided to wait until the baby was born to find out it's gender. I didn't care what I had either way I was excited.

On the way there, Austin had his hand on my thigh protectively and never moved it. It was cute.

''Are you ready for this?'' I asked Austin.

''Yeah I'm really excited!''

''So am I!''

''When's the baby's due date again?'' He asked.

''August 11.'' I said.

''We'll be back a couple weeks before the due date then so it's perfect!'' He said. We were leaving tomorrow for the interviews and shows. I was excited to tell everyone about the baby and what I had gone through hoping to inspire teen moms like me.

''I can't wait for the interviews. There going to be fun telling everyone about the baby. I hope I can inspire and help teens who are pregnant too.''

''I'm sure you will! No matter what happens in life you're always inspiring to me! You've been the strongest person I know since the day I met you!''

''You're so sweet!'' I said kissing his hand.

He put his hand on my belly.

''Can't wait for this lil' munchkin!'' He said.

''You're going to be a great father!'' I said.

''And you're going to be the best mom!'' He said. I giggled.


''How have you been?'' Dr. Jones asked.

''Pretty good!''

''That's good the baby looks healthy as you can tell!'' He said showing us the baby. You could see it moving around and it was so amazing. I started to tear up. Austin was holding my hand and in awe of what he was seeing.

''Woah! This is amazing!'' He said.

''Yes, technology is great these days and for first time parents this is one of the best thing to see before the baby is born.''



''Let's go!'' Austin said grabbing my hand. We were going on to his private jet flying to New York for a show and interview.


''Okay we're here. Let's get ready to be interviewed!'' Austin said.

''I'm nervous now!'' I said.

''You'll be fine I'm here with you.'' He said.

''Now let's welcome our special guests Austin Mahone and Kayla Pearson.'' The interviewer said signaling for us to come on the set.

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