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Part 130

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Austin's POV

*Next day*

I decided to talk to Alex about what my mom said to make a final decision about it. I'm still mad at my mom but it really kills me to see her disappointed in me. This mornig while we were on the road Alex and I sat up front to talk while the girls hung out in the back so they couldn't hear us.

''Hey man what's up?'' Alex asked. So I told him everything that my mom had said.

''It bothers me because I just want to call Kayla mine forever I mean yeah we're young but I've never been more sure of something in my life. I just hate that my mom just doesn't support me. It really kills me Inside.'' I said.

''I know maybe she's right you're young but if you really feel like this is the right decision move forward with it. Prove her wrong.'' Alex said.

''Yeah I know I really want to but I feel terrible going against my mom.'' I said, I was really conflicted right now.

''Yeah well I think you need to talk to your mom and then just think about this for awhile.'' He said.

''Yeah I guess you're right.'' I said.

''I always am!'' He said. I rolled my eyes. Then the girls came out.

''Hey babe.'' Kayla said.

''Hey.'' I sighed. She sat down next to me.

''Everything okay?'' She asked. I nodded.

It wasn't but I really couldn't tell her.

The rest of the way we all talked and watched some movies and we were finally at the next show. I really wanted to talk to my mom tonight so I was hoping she would want to after my show.

*After show*

I was sitting on the dressing room talking to Kayla, Sarah and Alex when my mom walked in. I stood up and walked over to her.

''Mom can we please talk?'' I asked.

''Austin I'm not talking about that right now. My answer hasn't changed.'' She said.

''Okay. Fine.'' I sughed.

''Maybe I'll just do it anyways.'' I said. She looked at me hurt. I know this hurt her but it hurt me too.

''Whatever Austin do what you want.'' She said and walked out. Kayla gave me a confused look but I just ignored it. My phone buzzed and I looked and Alex had texted me.

Alex: You should apologize to her and tell her where you're coming from.

I looked at him and nodded. I got up to go talk to her. She was outside crying. I ran over to her and hugged her.

''Mom I'm sorry I just hope you see where I'm coming from.'' I said.

''Austin you're my baby it's hard seeing you grow up so fast.'' She said crying.

''I know mom I know it's hard for you but just because I'm proposing to her doesn't mean we're getting married right away. We can wait a couple years.'' I said.

''I know it's just hard thinking about that already. I thought you'd wait awhile longer before you found the right one. But I know she's the one for you and I'm happy that you're happy.'' She said.

''Yeah I've never been happier.'' I smiled.

''I know and I can tell. You really remind me of your father.'' She said tearing up. So this is what it was about. I hugged and we both cried.

''I'm sorry.'' She said.

''I am too. I hate that you don't support me with this.'' I said and she nodded.

''I'm glad though because I didn't raise a son who wouldn't even think about what his mom thought.'' She said and I smiled. I'm glad we talked it made me feel better and yes I saw where she was coming from but I still wanted to propose to Kayla. What am I going to do??

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