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Part 20

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Today Sarah was coming to stay for a week and in two I'm going on tour with Austin. My life just keeps getting better and better. I was bored so I called Alex before I had to pick Sarah up.

''Hey Kayla! I've missed you!!'' He said picking up.

''Missed you too. Sarah's coming to stay with me for a week today!''

''I heard! I'm glad she's coming! It's good for you! So how are you and the baby doing?''

''Good! I can't wait to see you soon!''

''I know I'm excited!''

...............More talking...............

Sarah walked in Starbucks and I ran up and gave her a huge hug!

''Oh my gosh! You look great Kayla! I've missed you so much!!''

''Thanks! I missed you too!'' She put her hands on my bump and the baby moved.

''Aww I love it!''

''Well I'm glad cuz you're probably gonna be the aunt!''

''Are you serious?!''

''Yeah well I to have talk to Austin but I'm sure it's fine!''

''Oh I'm just so happy to see you! I've been so worried but I do understand now how you did it.''

''What do you want to do today?''

''How about get our nails done, go to the beach, get dinner, come back and watch movies?'' I suggested.

''Sounds good to me! I've missed this! It's boring at home without you!''

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