Part 123

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Today is valentines day and I'm super excited to see what Austin has planned I'm sure it's just a late dinner or something I mean he's spending a day with some Mahomies after his interview so there's no time. But that's okay I guess, I'll be there with them.

''Ready to go?'' Austin asked hugging me.

''Yeah.'' I said. I wore some jeans and a sweatshirt because honestly I didn't care what I wore.

''What's wrong baby?'' He asked looking me in the eyes.

''Nothing.'' I said. I mean yeah I was sad we couldn't spend valentines day together but oh well I didn't care too much, valentines day was never really my thing.

''Okay just let me know if something's wrong.'' He said and I nodded.

''Nice sweatshirt by the way.'' He said chuckling.

''What?'' I laughed. ''I don't feel like looking all nice today.'' I said.

''You look beautiful.'' He said kissing me.


''So Austin you have a girlfriend don't you?'' The interviewer asked. Austin blushed and nodded.

''Any plans with her tonight?''

''Yeah.'' He said looking at me backstage. I smiled.

''Well what are they?''

''I can't tell you it will ruin the surprise.'' Austin smirked.

*After the interview*

So the interview was over and I was getting more and more anxious to see what Austin planned. We were now spending a day with the Mahomies who won a contest to spend a day with Austin and Alex.

Right now we were walking around and then going to dinner.

''So are you disappointed you and Austin couldn't soend the day together?'' Sarah asked.

''Honestly valentines day has never been my thing but this year for some reason I was really looking forward to just having a fun day with Austin.'' I said sadly.

''Yeah I was too. It's hard with them being famous.'' SHe said and I nodded.

''Sometimes I wish he wasn,t famous. But I'm so proud of him he's turned into an amazing person who's accomplished so much and been through so much.'' I said.

''I agree.'' She said. We made it to the restaurant and Alex and Austin and the girls had a table and Sarah and I sat at a table off the side. Both of us were kinda disappointed right now. But we were trying to hide it for the boys.

''I Wonder how everyone is in Miami.'' Sarah said.

''Yeah I kind of feel bad for Lexi all alone.'' I said and Sarah nodded.

''Yeah at least Zach and Rob are still there.'' She said. I felt a pair of arms around me from behind.

''Hey baby how are you?'' Austin asked.

''Good how about you?'' I asked.

''I could be better if it was just you and I.'' He said and I nodded.

''Are you sure you don't want to sit with us?'' Austin asked.

''Yeah I'm fine I'm sure they don't want us with you and we don't disappoint them'' I said.

''Babe no. But if you don't want to that's fine.'' He sighed. He kissed my cheek and left.

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