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Part 11

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I woke up with a horrible stomach ache. I groaned in pain.

''What's wrong babe?'' Austin said kissing me.

''I don't feel good at all!'' I said.

''Are you gonna be okay for today?'' He asked.

''Not sure. But hopefully.'' I said.

Today was our day off, we were planning on doing something fun.

''You just lay here I'll be back with some food and medicine.'' He said.

''Okay tha...'' I started but ran to the bathroom and threw up. I stayed over the toilet and Austin came and held my hair and rubbed my back.

''Babe, why don't you go lay down? We can plan another day to have fun.''


I walked over to the bed and laid down and watched TV.

*A week later*

I had that stomach flu for two days and the past few days I had felt great. I figured it was food poisoning cuz we eat pizza the night before and sometimes after I eat pizza I get sick.

''Ready to go?'' Lexi asked.

''Yes!!! I'm so excited!!!''

We were in New Jersey today. And we were going to the pier for a day of fun!

''Okay let's go! The limo is here!'' Austin said as he took my hand and led me out the door. I feel like I've been dating Austin forever, that's how close we are. It's the most amazing relationship I've ever had! And I was getting super excited cuz Christmas was coming up and I was planning a huge surprise for Austin!

I was going to take him to an island near the Bahamas for a week. We had a week off after Christmas so it was the perfect time! It would just be us. We hadn't really spent alone time in I don't know how long.


When we got to the pier, there were some Mahomies so we hang out with them for a while then had some lunch and shopped and now we were gonna go on some rides.

We were walking along the pier looking for rides. I was holding Austin's hand and the other couples were holding hands too. We were all so cute all holding hands!

''Let's go on this roller coaster!'' Robert said.

''I'll pass I'm gonna get sick if I do!'' I said.

''Babe you always love going on roller coaster.'' Austin said.

''Yeah, my stomach hurts a little again so I don't want to take any chances.''

''Okay I'll wait with you.''

''No go ahead I think I might just go back to the hotel.'' I said.

''No c'mon have some fun and stay with us!''

''We've been here for four hours and I'm tired.''

''Fine, just get a cab and call me when you get back to the hotel.'' He says.

''Okay.'' I say and give him a hug and kiss.

''Feel better.'' He whispered.

*Next day*

''Thanks! I'll be back in a couple of weeks!'' I said heading out.

''Have a nice day Miss Mane!'' She said.

''Thanks! You too!''

''If you need anything just let me know!''



I was so nervous!! I had to tell Austin but when?!

Looks like his Christmas surprise was bigger than I thought!

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