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Part 81

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Austin's POV

Kayla told me she was going to hang out with friends but I was a little suspicious because she was really happy texting someone before she left and she was dressed a little to pretty for ''just hanging out with friends'' and of course my suspicious were right, I check Instagram before I went to bed and see a picture of her, Lexi, Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, and all the other magcon boys. I was mad now but I guess I deserved it but still.

So now I'll tell you what happened while Kayla was in come and why she's so mad at me. Well it all started when she first went into a coma. I was back home with Sarah after finding out she was pregnant and me coming home from tour. We all remember that she was depressed for a whole month and didn't talk to anyone for a while. But she finally decided to do it for our baby. I just wanna cry thinking about that now. Well anyways she went into a coma after the car accident I was totally fine because the other car only hit the passenger side. When she first went into a coma I would go see her. But after a week I started losing hope, I got depressed, I needed to deep loved again, I was lonely and depressed. Yeah my mom understood because the lost my dad but her son didn't die and at least my dad died right away because it's hard knowing whether or not the love of your life is going to survive and you can't even talk to them and have a conversation all you get to do is hold their limp hand and talk to them but you get no response. I would talk to her but it just felt weird and not right. After that first week I just went home and cried myself so sleep everyday for a month. Then management made me do a concert for a charity that promised I would do. I did the concert and there I meet a girl. She looked like Kayla and loved me like Kayla. We went on a few dates until I finally realized I was just going crazy without Kayla. So I finally decided to go back and see Kayla and that's just what I did. I felt so bad about it I would tell Kayla about it and tell her how sorry I was everyday until the day she woke up and I would sing my songs to her. This somehow comforted me.

The day she woke up was the best day of those seven months and I finally thought yes my life will be back again. But I was wrong Alex just had to remind me about that awful mistake I made. I was going to tell her at dinner and I was thinking about how to tell her so I wouldn't sound as bad as it was. But she asked me about it so I lied, well I didn't lie, I just left out the part that I cheated. I know it was dumb and I really regret not telling her sooner but I was helping her because she was taking in so much information that was awful. So that is everything. I need to talk to her but I also need to give her space. So I really don't know what to do. I've talked to Alex and he's helped me a bit. He said to wait another day then talk to her and make it up to her. Make her fall in love with me again for what now the third time. I just hope she forgives me. My mom suggested writing her a letter telling her we need to talk tomorrow and I'll take her on a nice date by walking along the beach and talking then going to dinner. So I'm about to do that now. Here goes nothing I thought.

Dear Kayla,

I feel awful about everything I did and I hope you'll let me explain. If you will be ready tomorrow at 5 PM because I'm taking you on a nice walk on the beach then to Olive Garden. And I promise you that I was going to tell you at dinner the other night and I was going to tell you when you asked me but I didn't know what to do. I'm sorry. It would mean a lot if we could talk tomorrow.


A very sad boy who wants forgiveness named Austin ♥

I was just being cheesy at the end hoping she would laugh. She was out with Alex now so I went into Alex's room and set it on his bed. I just hope she reads it and agrees to come. But we'll see. I just really miss my princess.

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