The One Night Stand by _gilinskysbabe_
The One Night Standby Mrs. Gilinsky
I had a one night stand with my best friend, Austin Mahone. I was going to tell him that I was pregnant but he dropped it on me and the crew that he had got signed an wa...
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This is it (Camila/You) by BadassCabello
This is it (Camila/You)by BadassCabello🌹
After getting signed to Syco Records it is decided that you need to get your name out there a little more to promote for your upcoming album. You end up joining the Fift...
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Dirty Little Secret (Camren) on hold by DinahsHawaii
Dirty Little Secret (Camren) on DinahsHawaii
Camila is the most popular girl in school and Lauren is the nerdy loser that no one likes always gets pushed around, but not by Camila, Camila was always nice to her. On...
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Not So Bad - A.M. by amazingacm
Not So Bad - m
[ complete ] Ava Carter is like many other teenage girls. She's smart, positive, and an all around nice person. Austin Mahone is the exact opposite. She's never cared m...
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Austin Mahone Imagines by Laustin_Love
Austin Mahone Imaginesby Laustin_Love
Austin Mahone Imagines. Sweet and Dirty
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Enough ( A Camren Fanfic) by waakeme-xp
Enough ( A Camren Fanfic)by Tiffany
Camila Cabello has struggled trying to escape her abusive boyfriend (Austin) for the past three years. He ended up getting her pregnant and now they have a son together...
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The Way I Feel (Camren) by AdoringShips
The Way I Feel (Camren)by Read My Fanfics If You Want
Camila and Lauren have an unusual friendship. They are best friends who occasionally have sex. Until one day Camila suddenly leaves before Lauren could confess her feeli...
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Austin Mahone Imagines  by daddymahone
Austin Mahone Imagines by daddymahone
we all imagine things about Austin ;) - requests will be open soon - please follow, vote, and comment
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FAMOUS (Camren) by BabeLoRegui
FAMOUS (Camren)by BabeLoRegui
Camila Cabello's in for a surprise when she witnesses who famous pop sensation Lauren Jauregui really is. After a one night stand on the tour bus goes terrible, Camila g...
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Married To Ms. Billionaire(Camren) by papilaurenn
Married To Ms. Billionaire(Camren)by sai
Married to Ms. Billionaire credits cover to @hiddenite1 (credits to the original author)
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I Can't Seem To Let You Go by HibaHadi
I Can't Seem To Let You Goby Hiba♡
Camila Cabello is a new student at Miami's International Music Academy. She meets Ally Brooke, Dinah-Jane Hansen and Normani Kordei and instantly becomes friends with th...
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Forbidden Love by camrenbruhhh
Forbidden Loveby camrenbruhhh
Those words. The words that Camila had sworn she'd never say again. How is it possible a sentence so small and so simple can have the power to blow you away? Camila swal...
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Family full of surprises(Camren) by ArianaGrandeBabe
Family full of surprises(Camren)by Möönlight Bäë
» Three years later and things have changed, the girls are happily married now and logan is older. But will something or someone from either of there past come back and...
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The One (Camren) by itsmekaaaat
The One (Camren)by fifthharmony96
No one can deny that Camila Cabello almost have everything. Rich friends, athletic, popularity in school and born and raised in luxury. Everything seemed perfect for Ms...
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Mr. Mahone  by ameezy24
Mr. Mahone by ameezy24
I know I'm wrong but I can't help myself. {completed}
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Sras. Cabello-Jauregui (Intersexual) by fucklolocamz
Sras. Cabello-Jauregui ( CamzLolo
Sinopse: Lauren e Camila aparentemente parecem formar um casal normal, mas na realidade ambas mantem um segredo. As duas são assassinas de aluguel contratadas por empres...
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Her Assistant(Camren) by papilaurenn
Her Assistant(Camren)by sai
Her Assitant Photo cover @hiddenite1
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Rather Be (A Camren Story) by iloveyou1234566
Rather Be (A Camren Story)by Ashley
"There is no place in the world I rather be than with you."
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We Are A Secret (Camren) [Editing] by _eriiicaaaa_
We Are A Secret (Camren) [Editing]by _eriiicaaaa_
Trailer available on YouTube: 18 year old Lauren Jauregui has been heartbroken too many times in her life. Her family moves to Florida and...
  • drama
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Shadow (Austin Mahone) by Bad_Boy_Hemmo
Shadow (Austin Mahone)by happy bb
Austin Mahone, the boy who has a major crush on Noah Bradley. Noah Bradley, the girl who doesn't know who Austin Mahone is. But will one trip change everything? Or will...
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