Part 94

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The next morning I woke up and thought about what happened last night. I smiled.

''Heyyyy.'' Lexi said and sat on my bed.

''Heyyyy. What's up with you?'' I asked smiling.

''The better question is what's up with you, you're happy again?'' She said excitedly.

''Well I'm not single anymore!'' I said excitedly. She just got up and left my room. I thought she was my friend. Guess not. The rest of the day I just thought about my life. I was happy again with a boyfriend that was actually here for me. I couldn't ask for anything more.

Austin's POV

So far being on tour sucked. I just wanted Kayla to be here with me. I just hope she knows the other day I was just tired. I'm so glad she chose me. It made me feel a lot better knowing she was home waiting for me instead of home dating Nash. I don't have anything against him, I just don't want Kayla moving on. I decided to call her.

''Hello?'' She answered.

''Hey how are you?'' I asked her.

''Great how are you?''

'Pretty good just missing you. I just want to let you know that the other day I was just really tired I'm sorry.''

''It's fine Austin don't worry about it.''

''Are you sure? You don't sound sure.'' I asked worried.

''I'm positive. So how have your shows been?''

''They've been really fun but not the same without you.''

''I'm sorry we'll try to visit soon.''

''I hope so, I wish you could stay on tour with me.''

''Yeah I wish I could too.''

''Well maybe you can, I'll talk to my mom and management about it.''

''umm okay, sorry Austin I got to go.'' She said quickly.

''It's fine bye love you.'' I said happy at least I got to talk to her.

''Bye.'' She said and hung up. No I love you?

Lexi's POV

No offense to Kayla and Nash, I love them both but not as a couple. Her and Austin were meant to be. Why couldn't she see that? She made a huge mistakes and she better realize that before it's too late. We're leaving this morning to surprise Austin and Alex and of course Sarah is coming. But with Kayla and Austin it will be awkward he knows nothing. He thinks they're good again and soon everything will be worse than it was before. I just don't want to see either of them hurt again. It's awful. They're meant to be. I just know and so does Michele and my dad and Sarah and even Alex. But why can't Kayla see that?

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