Part 79

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*Next day*

''Kayla wake up.'' Alex said shaking me.

''Ugh what time is it?'' I asked rolling over and rubbing my eyes.

''One and we are leaving to pick up Todd in a half hour so get up and get ready!'' He said cheerfully.

''Fine.'' I said. I was excited to see my ''dad'' aka Todd. Alex left the room so I could get ready. I went to the bathroom and took off my makeup and washed my face and brushed my hair then I went to find my bag and picked out sweats and uggs and a sweatshirt. Alex, Austin and Lexi were eating breakfast at the table. I grabbed a granola bar and got some coffee and sat at the bar away from them.

''How are you doing sweetie?'' Lexi asked sitting next to me.

''I'm okay. I just need time and I wish I had somewhere else but I don't. You guys are my only family.'' I said sadly.

''I know and I'm sorry maybe we could see if we could take a fun vacation next week.'' Lexi said excitedly.

''Sounds fun!'' I said, then finished my breakfast.

''I can't believe I trusted him.'' I said washing out my cup.

''I'm sorry you did.'' Austin said walking into the kitchen. I walked the other way and decided to wait for everyone else to be ready in the living room. I went on Twitter and see Austin has tweeted a lot.

''I messed up''

''Please forgive me I'm broken''

''My life </3''

I decided I would tweet too.

''You ruined my life </3''

''I have the greatest friends ever! @lexixoxo @alexconstancio''

''Ready to go?'' Lexi asked.

¸I nodded and followed her out to the car. I sit in the back by Lexi and Austin and Michele up front. Alex didn't come because he was hanging out with Sarah and there wasn't ebough room in the car. The car ride was awkwardly silent and you could cut the tension with a knife. Once we get there we all headed out and wait for Todd inside. We awkwardly sat waiting for him. We finally saw him and Lexi and Michele ran to him leaving Austin and I alone awkwardly.

''I'm sorry.'' He said breaking the silence. I just got up and walked to Todd happily ignoring Austin.

''Todd!'' I yelled. He looked up and a huge grin formed on his face.

''Kayla! I've missed you!'' He says hugging me. Then we all head. Now I had to sit by Austin and Lexi in the car. Austin kept glancing at me. My phone buzzed and Austin texted me.

A: Can we please talk.

K: I have nothing to say to you.

The next time he respond I ignored him. I checked Instagram and the hot Cameron Dallas had posted a hot selfie so I showed Lexi.

''I'll just have him.'' I said to her.

''Kayla! He's mine!'' She said.

''Oh my gosh we should totally go to magcon this weekend!'' I said excitedly.

''OMG yes I can finally meet Cameron!'' She said.

''Don't forget about Nash and the rest of them. They are so hot!'' I said.

''Dad can Kayla and I go to magcon this weekend please?'' Lexi asked Todd.

''What's that? And what about Austin and Alex?'' He asked. I groaned.

''It's a thing where funny viners and youtubers do a thing and no they're all guys.'' Lexi said coming up with an excuse.

''That's fine with me.'' He said.

''Yay!!'' I yelled. I think I was making Austin jealous because he looked mad.

''Let's go shopping tomorrow because tomorrow's Friday and it's Saturday!!'' Lexi said.

''Okay sounds good to me!'' I said excitedly.

''Austin how come you're so quiet?'' Todd asked. Oh crap! I thought.

''I'm just tired.'' He said as an excuse.

''Uhh whatever Austin.'' Michele said annoyed making me laugh. Austin just glared at me so I smiled.

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