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Part 6

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''I don't know you tell me. Do you want to be my girlfriend?'' Austin said nervous.

''I don't know.'' I said and winked.

''Well I want to be your boyfriend soo...''

''Well I want to be your girlfriend soooo...'' I said and leaned up and kissed him.

This was the best day ever! I couldn't believe Austin and I were dating.

''Do you want to grab a bite to eat and talk about this?'' Austin asked.

''Sounds good to me.'' I said.

''Okay! Where do you want to go?''

''Olive Garden? Since it's your favorite!''

''You know me so well!'' Austin said and pecked me on the lips.

''Oh I know!'' I said and winked.

''Let's go!'' He said.

*At Olive Garden*

After we ordered we talked about our relationship.

''So I start school tomorrow so we won't see eachother that much. And since you sing you'll be gone a lot.'' I said sadly.

''Yes but I want to be with you!'' Austin said.

''I want to be with you too! It's just hard thinking about all this now.'' I said tearing up.

''Baby don't worry we'll get through this.'' Austin said and wiped a tear away.

''I know *sniffle* I just wish I didn't have to go to school. Then our relationship wouldn't be so hard!''

''Well maybe we can wait a couple weeks and see how our relationship is then we can see if you can come with me and be home schooled with me.'' Austin said.

''But I'm only junior!'' I said.

''Yeah but don't you want to be with me.''

''Yes I do! But what about Lexi and Bella? I can't leave them!''

''It's not like we're gonna be gone for weeks. We'll come back like every other week or so it won't be too bad.''

''Okay I'll think about it.'' I said.

''Good! I just want to see you alot sot it doesn't strain our relationship.''

''I know what you mean.''

''Let's just have fun while we can and not think about all this.'' Austin said.

''Sounds good to me! I love you!''

''I love you more beautiful!''

*Heading to the fair*

Ring.... Ring....

''It's Bella.'' I said.

''Hey Bell what's up?''

''Ummm we need to talk!''

''Why what's going on?''

''Umm well I kind of have a crush on Zach and umm well I still love Sean but umm...'' Then she broke down crying.

''Don't cry sweetie! And uhh well how'd you meet him?''

''Me and Lex saw them and we told them about you and they asked if we wanted to hang out so we are hanging out right now and I really like him Sean umm...'' More crying.

''Oh my god did he break up with you?!''

''No he didn't but...

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