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Part 29

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My parents just died and I was now in labor. This is just great. I decided to call Austin.

''Babe where are you!'' Austin said.

''I don't know but I'm in labor!'' I said. I was still crying cuz of my parents.

''Oh my gosh! Umm well tell me where you are so I can help you.''

''Umm well I'm by...''

''Okay I'll be right there I'm taking my mom's car and she's coming with me!''

''Okay thanks babe please hurry it hurts!'' I said.

''I'll be there before you know it! Oh and why did you leave the house crying?''

''I'll tell you later I don't want to talk about it.''

''Okay babe stay there! I love you.''

''Love you too!'' I said through the pain. I thought just being pregnant was horrible! Try labor!! I sat in the car taking deep breathes and trying to stay calm. I still hadn't gotten over that my parents died. I was still bawling while in labor! So many different kinds of pain all at once it was horrible. Why did my life have to be like this? My parents dies when I needed them the most! I had my head in my hands on the steering wheel. My door opened and Austin came and hugged me. I sat up and his mouth dropped. It was probably because I looked like crap.

''I'm here baby, it's okay. Let's get going. You can tell me whenever you want just know I'm here for you.

''Austin it hurts!'' I complained.

''I know you'll be okay. Okay just take deep breathes. Here I'll carry you. I'll put you in my mom's car and my mom can drive us.''

''Okay sit with me please.'' I said. The contractions were coming about every 15-30 minutes. Austin carried me bridal style and put me in the back of Michele's car. He sat next to me and held my hand.

''I'll just tell you what happened now so you can help me.''

''Okay whatever you want babe.'' Austin said and kissed my head.

''Okay well umm... my parents were coming down here to see me and umm...'' I just broke down again. He hugged me and comforted me. I just had the message up. He dropped my phone when he read the last sentence.

''Baby I'm so sorry!! We're here for you! My mom and Todd were already like your parents so it will be okay.'' He said trying to help.

''Let's just forget about it and focus on the baby.'' I said wiping my tears away. I rested my head on Austin's lap. He lifted my chin up and kissed me passionately. Just what I needed.

''Okay sweetie we're here. Let me help you.'' Michele said. Austin got a wheel chair and helped me in it. I gave Michele a huge hug after getting in it.


Austin's POV

I felt so bad for Kayla. Her parents died and she was having a baby and she had to take all this in at once. And then the doctors told her she couldn't be stressed or she would hurt herself or the baby which made her worse. I stay with her the whole time trying to keep her mind off of everything. I couldn't wait to see the baby I was getting so anxious.


Still Austin's POV

''It's a boy!!'' I cried. I went over and kissed Kayla. I was so happy. The baby was just born and it's a boy. It was so amazing. My life just felt complete when I held the baby for the first time.

Kayla's POV

When I saw the baby everything that had happened today had been forgotten and all I could think about is my beautiful creation in my arms and how lucky I was to have an amazing boyfriend and son.

''I'm gonna take the baby now.'' The nurse said taking him from me.

''Well we should probably figure out a name.'' Austin said.

''I have one in mind.'' I said.

''What is it?''

''Carter James Mahone. Then it can honor both of our dads. Then when we have a girl we cab do one for my mom.'' I said tearing up thinking about them again.

''I love it babe! It's okay you don't have to be strong for me anymore. You've been so strong for almost a ear. Let it out baby.'' He said.

I just started to cry harder than ever.

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