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Part 109

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''And what is this idea of yours genius?'' I asked laughing.

''We can be friends with benefits.'' He said and I laughed.

''Austin you know that's not gonna work.'' I said.

''I'm serious Kayla it could work.'' He said.

''I don't know Austin.'' I said.

''Fine. Let's eat and go do something.'' He said.

*After breakfast*

''So where are we going?'' I asked Austin as we just finished cleaning the dishes.

''It's a surprise.'' He said smirking.

''Shut up and tell me or I'm not going.'' I said seriously.

''Feisty babe I like it.'' He said.

''Austin.'' I said crossing my arms.

''Sorry I still have to get used to this. Anyways let's head to the beach then do something fun.'' He said.

''Okay let's go!'' I said and grabbed my purse and sunglasses and we headed out.

*At the beach*

''I hope one day we can work out again.'' Austin said as we walked along the beach.

''I do too Austin, I miss you, I miss us. But I need this time. It will just make our relationship so much better.'' I said.

''I hope and I hope one day we can make another baby.''

''Oh that will happen trust me.'' I said smirking and he chucked.

''You just can't resist can you?'' He said and I laughed.

''No.'' I said blushing hard and I turned away.''

''It's cute when you blush.'' He said and I laughed.

''I'm sad I'm leaving tomorrow.'' I said.

''I am too this week has been one crazy week but I'm glad you came.'' He said.

''I'm glad too, imagine what would have happened if I left like I wanted to.'' I said.

''I know and see I'm never letting you go again.'' He said.

''I'm glad because we don't want to have to go anymore.'' I said.

''I can't wait till the day where you have no choice.'' He said laughing.

''Shut up and who said there will ever be that day.'' I said smirking.

''Oh honey when I'll propose you'll have no choice but to say yes.'' He said taking my hand in his.

''You're so weird Austin.'' I said.

''I know and that's why you love me.'' He said.

''I love you because you treat me right and show me you love me and I guess you're too hard to resist.'' I said chuckling.

''Babe I know.'' He said.

''Stop Austin you make it harder calling me babe.'' I said.

''Sorry.'' He said his face growing sad.

''It's fine. Let's do something fun, something we'll never forget.'' I said smirking. He raised an eyebrow confused and I just laughed.

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