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Part 117

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And I was on a stage? I was confused then music started playing. I looked ayound and all I could see was a stadium full of girls looking at me smiling. The music went on. And someone started singing.

''Turn your radio up, turn your radio up
Ain't no other shawty I've heard of baby''

I knew that angelic voice anywhere. I turned around and saw Austin coming on stage towards me. The crowd cheered. I smiled and ran up to Austin and hugged him ignoring everything else going on. He smiled and kept singing to me while I was in his arms. He led me back over to the stool and I sat down. He sang to me never taking his eyes off of mine. I teared up a bit. This was the sweetest thing anyone's ever done for me. The song ended and Austin gave me a bone crushing hug.

''I can't believe you did this for me.'' I said into his chest.

''Only for you princess.'' He smiled and kissed my forehead. He then took my hand and stood next to me facing the crowd.

''Will y'all help me out now?'' Austin yelled through the mic. I looked at him confused and he winked. All of a sudden the lights went out and a spotlight was on us. The crowd starting screaming. I couldn't hear what they said at first but then I heard it.

''Kaustin! Kaustin! Kaustin!'' They chanted. I looked at Austin and smiled, he held red roses out for me. I took them and he took my hand.

''Kayla, everyone especially me, wants Kaustin back sooooo.'' He said and I laughed.

''Anyways I love you Kayla and these past months have been tough and I need you back in my life for good. You're coming on tour with me no matter what you say. I can't imagine my life without you sooooo will you do me the honors of being my amazing girlfriend again?'' He asked.

''Of course Austin I love you!'' I said kissing him and the crowd awwed. I laughed. They were so amazing.

''Good night everyone thanks for helping me out tonight!'' He yelled and walked off stage with me hand in hand.

''Austin tonight was amazing thanks to you.'' I said and kissed his nose.

''Stop teasing me.'' He chuckled.

''Nope.'' I said and kissed behind his ear and ran off to the dressing room. He chased me and caught me and wrapped his arms around me and started tickling me. I laughed so hard it was embarrassing.

''Austin stop.'' I laughed and he stopped. I opened the door surprised to see Alex and Sarah making out on the couch. I took a picture quietly then yelled.

''We don't need any babies love birds get off each other!'' Austin and I laughed.

''I'm gonna go change wait right here.'' He said leading me to a chair. I laughed and sat down.

''Sooo how was your night?'' Sarah asked.

''Good but it doesn't look like it was as good as yours.'' I said laughing and her and Alex turned bright red.

''Well Austin planned tonight just for you.'' She said.

''He's the best.'' I said.

''I know I am aren't I?'' He said walking in. I chuckled and he sat on top of me.

''Austin stop.'' I said.

''Not until you stop teasing me and actually kiss me.'' He said.

''Nope.'' I said and crossed my arms.

''Well then we'll be here all night.'' He said.

''Jerk.'' I said.

''Hmm what was that?'' He said.

''Oh nothing babe.'' I said smirking.

''That's what I though.'' He said in my ear.

''Stop.'' I said laughing.

''I'm good.'' He said and nibbled my ear. I grabbed his face catching him off guard and have him a hug slobbery kiss on the lips.

''Much better.'' He said.

''Whatever now get off.'' I whined. He get off me and we all headed out.

Tonight was amazing and I couldn't ask for someone better to spend it with.

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